Best odds for ghost sightings

Best odds for ghost sightings

With an odds of +1,296,000 a $100 wager would win close to $1.3 million, the former star of Ghost Hunters International, Angela Alderman, was shocked to learn that the Sunshine State was listed as the state where someone is least likely to see a ghost.

Even though she never saw that one coming, she’s seen and heard plenty of apparitions in both Tampa and Ybor City.

“That doesn’t sound right,” Alderman said. “Ybor City alone should place Florida higher.”

The only problem is that Ybor City hasn’t had a single reported ghost sighting from 1972 through 2020, keeping the lively city off CardsChat’s compiled list of hauntings.  Still, Alderman is not easily convinced. The paranormal investigator had this to say:

“When I walk through parts of Florida, I have heard people walking behind me, turned around and saw no one. Florida has some magical places,” Alderman said.

Serious research

SuperLenny can’t help but marvel at CardsChat’s scientific research, which includes collecting data from manual searches on Google with keywords and combinations of keywords like haunted, ghosts and paranormal.

Considering the rise of the use, misuse, and abuse of drugs in Florida over recent years, it’s a little surprising that people haven’t been trying harder to explain away their hallucinations of dead relatives with searches on Google.

A marketing executive at CardsChat’s, Anna Osborne, gave more details about the online casino games company’s rigorous investigation into ghost sightings and paranormal activities around the United States.

“If one person declared they have seen a ghost more than once, or multiple people have shared the same inexplicable event over a period of time, then we noted that as haunted,” Osborne said. She did add that since there’s no scientific proof of any haunting, the data is very much subject.

Hauntings in numbers

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Orlando is the most haunted city in Florida if we are to believe the good people at CardsChat, with more than 30 ghost sightings since 1972. St. Augustine comes in at second place with 15 sightings and Tampa and St. Petersburg share third place with 11 each.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse has a reputation of being haunted and is visited by almost a quarter of a million people each year. The tower has seen many tragic incidents for years, including the death of the lighthouse keeper who fell as he was painting the tower, and the deaths of three young girls who drowned when a cart they played in broke and fell into the ocean.

In total, Florida has recorded 1,697 sightings from the early 70s when it was decided that compiling this kind of a list is imperative, the 11th most in the nation. However, taking the state’s population of close to 22 million into account compared to Delaware, for example, where there has been 124 sightings reported by a population of less than a million.

If you are guessing that Texas has had the highest number of sightings (7,099) then you would be absolutely correct. Its population of nearly 29.5 million puts the Lone Star State at number 22 on the national list, however.

By now you should be wondering which US state would be the safest bet to win on a ghost sighting? The answer is obviously Illinois with the odds of +110,900.

After all, Illinois has been the setting of several horror movies such as the Halloween series, Haunt, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. That’s good enough for us!

Best Odds of ghost sightings in Canada

That’s a fine question and one that made SuperLenny’s own Lucas Collins curious about where are the best Canadian haunts? Upon doing further research up and down Canada here’s what he found out:

  •  HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel – Ontario
  • Fortress of Louisbourg – Nova Scotia
  • Halifax Citadel – Nova Scotia
  • Fort Langley cemetery – British Columbia

According to our list, your odds of seeing are a ghost are best if you head to Nova Scotia. The eastern province is home to not one but two haunted spots in Canada. So if you’re looking for some paranormal activity head on down and let us know what you find!