Lottery Winners Take Home Second Multi-Million Dollar Prize

Lottery Winners Take Home Second Multi-Million Dollar Prize

Fortune has once again smiled upon a couple from Nova Scotia who held the winning ticket to a multi-million lottery jackpot. Lotto 6/49 is a draw-based lottery, and on its last draw, the main prize was a hefty CA$17.4 million. Both Lotto 6/49 and Lott MAX have remained vastly popular in these times of turmoil and uncertainty with their generous cash payouts, as Canadians held on to the hope of being set for life by buying tickets both in-person and online.

Who are the lucky couple?

Previous lottery winners Raymond and Gaye Lillington from Dingwall, Cape Breton, can count a collection of lucky numbers, specifically 06, 07, 11, 18, 22, 43 and 09, as on Saturday 15 August, Atlantic Lottery Corporation announced that there was a single winning ticket. The Crown corporation also reminded the winners that the cash prize had to be claimed in 52 weeks. The winners lost no more time as soon as they realized that theirs was the winning ticket, and laid claim to no less than CA$17,405,149. This was not their first multi-million dollar win either.

The Lillingtons could hardly believe it when they learned they were lottery winners once more. Not only that, but this ticket was purchased at the same branch where they had purchased their first winning ticket. In 2013, seven years ago, the Nova Scotian couple won CA$3.2 million, which although on a smaller scale, is still an amount many dreams of bagging. Raymond Lillington said that their family and friends made fun of them for continuing to play the lottery after having already won once, thinking that there was another win written in the stars for them. “I still played and people said, ‘You’ll never win again,’ and I said, ‘Of course I will,’” Lillington said. “But that was a joke! I never imagined this could actually happen.” His wife, Gaye Lillington, could not believe her eyes when she saw the amount they’d just won.  “Winning twice is what makes this all so hard to believe,” Lillington said. “What are the odds? I could never expect this, and it’s so much money that it’s hard to absorb that information.” She said that she and her husband had to check their ticket multiple times before the news sank in.

The store where they bought the tickets will also get a share of the pie. Retail stores are entitled to 1% of the winnings, so back in 2013, the shop got around CA$32,000. Its slice of the pie will be much bigger this time around as it will benefit from CA$174,052 of the jackpot.

How will they spend their millions?

The Lillingtons spent the money from their first win on travelling, buying a new house and new cars, and securing their retirement. They plan on spending the money from their second win on their five children and six grandchildren, and on travelling even more. Raymond Lillington said that their family still can’t believe it, “My oldest texted me a million times today — he can’t eat, he can’t sleep, the kids just can’t believe it’s real.”

What are the odds of winning the lottery twice??

SuperLenny’s team have been doing the research and crunching the numbers on this and here’s what they found. 

Odds of winning 6/49 lotto 1:13,983,816

Odds of winning 6/49 lotto twice – 1:4,000,000,000

Meaning that multiple lottery winners like the Lillingtons are somewhat of a rarity. However, as our friends at Betsafe say “You have to be in it to win it” and that’s certainly true in this case.


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