No Open Date set for $75M Starlight Casino London

No Open Date set for $75M Starlight Casino London

Despite casinos reopening all over Canada, plans for new casino venues and projects are still shrouded in uncertainty. The construction of Gateway Casino and Entertainment’s Starlight Casino London in Ontario is still not completed and the opening has had to be pushed from spring/summer 2021 to no particular timeframe.

The $75-million project on Wonderland South Road is expected to enrich the region across the board, so its opening is awaited in eagerness. Once completed, it will also offer casino players a multitude of different games as Starlight Casino London will be able to focus utterly on the gaming experience since it is an independent venture free from the compromises that come with collaboration.

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment

The new Starlight Casino venue is also anticipated to bolster the area’s economy as when open, it is projected to attract thousands of visitors every week. This is because apart from around 900 slot machines and 40 table games, the venue will boast a first-rate restaurant and other offerings, making the casino complex an ideal outing for all the family. Gateway plans to keep the new casino venue classic and reminiscent of the experience one would have in Las Vegas. There will also be ample space for people to roam about and play safely as the venue will span almost 10,000 square metres.

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment’s projects usually take about a year to be completed. However, given the unprecedented situation, construction on this particular casino was halted in March to ensure the safety of construction workers and pedestrians. The casino operators are hesitant to predict an opening date for Starlight Casino London as they are still waiting to see whether requirements of physical distancing become the new norm, as opposed to a temporary measure. Ed Holder, the mayor of London, has shown his support for this development, as has the head of London’s Chamber of Commerce Gerry Macartney, who said that “this casino will provide jobs for people who are looking for them”. He also noted that “where [highways] 401 and 402 meet, that is at the apex of the busiest trade corridor on the planet. It’s strategically important for them, and us.

A Boost to the local economy

Starlight Casino is expected to create close to a 1,000 new jobs, with positions ranging from casino managers to slot machine technicians, to casino cleaners. From the revenue generated, around CA$7 million will also be going to the city’s coffers, financially helping the community at large. This is in line with Gateway’s ethos, whose casinos in London have been helping the local economy for decades. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that casino operators, future employees, local leaders and locals alike are looking forward to the opening of Starlight Casino London.

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment have over 25 years experience within the entertainment sector in Canada. Gateway casinos and gaming halls are also a staple feature of cities across British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. As of 2020, the group employs over 8,200 people with further plans to expand in 2021 and beyond.

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