GTA 5 Diamond Casino not Gambling says UKGC

GTA 5 Diamond Casino not Gambling says UKGC

Is playing at the GTA 5 Diamond Casino & Resort really gambling? Current rules and regulations require a prize to either have real monetary value or else be actual money to fall under UKGC regulations. So far, GTA$ cannot be converted back into real money, but it can be used for in-game purchases of vehicles, equipment, properties, businesses, and much more.

As long as players are 18 or older, the casino is open for business. Still, anyone who’s ever played the game will know that there are plenty of underaged players in the casino. Since 2019, the conversion rate from real money to GTA$ has been roughly $7 for GTA$500,000, but the bigger the deposit, the bigger the discounts.

What does North America say?

So far gaming associations and gambling authorities are keeping shtum about whether or not spending your time and GTA$ at The Diamond Casino & Resort counts as real gambling. While it wouldn’t be a first for groups to voice their opinions on the popular game it’s unlikely a Senate debate will open up.

Rockstar not particularly forthcoming

The UKGC may not deem GTA V’s casino as online gambling, and they are known for the stringent gambling license requirements, other countries have completely banned all of the gambling activities in Diamond and Casino Resort.

Alas, Rockstar Games, the company behind GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, has been very tight-lipped about which countries are banned from participating at the tables. Sources within the GTA 5 community has posted a list on Reddit with more than 50 countries banned from playing in the casino. Rockstar Games have no information about banned countries on their own site.

Killed over and over

A normal day for a player’s character in Grant Theft Auto V starts with spawning somewhere in Los Santos, calling for a vehicle and going on a murderous rampage, trying to get to the Diamond and Casino Resort to play slots, roulette, blackjack, three card poker or bet on the ponies.

Before you’re seated at any table, you’ve likely been shot in the head, run over, blown up, stabbed, and burned alive, or worse, over and over. Los Santos is not exactly known for its hospitable environment.

Since the game’s initial launch in 2013, players have been wondering what the “opening soon” sign outside the casino meant. The opening of the casino dragged out for so long that many players in the community thought it was just another prank by Rockstar, which have been known in the past to throw in misleading Easter Eggs in their games.

Diamond Casinos limitations

After you’ve killed and gotten killed on your way to the casino, if you’re allowed to play, you will notice that there are a lot of restrictions in place. You can’t bet more than 50,000 chips in total at any time, and you can’t buy more than 50,000 chips at a time.

There is most likely no proper Random Number Generator in place to guarantee that the outcomes are fair. Instead, you can probably rest assured that you will lose a lot more often than you win. In other words, when players are complaining about regular online casinos being rigged, go download GTA 5 and try your luck there.

We can promise that you will forever change your minds about online casinos after. Or we will eat Corn Flakes with tabasco sauce for breakfast every day for a year.

The future of GTA 5’s casino is a bit uncertain. The games are for sure rigged and it’s most likely only a matter of time until players start sending angry emails to complain to their local regulators. Then we’ll see how Rockstar Games will talk themselves out of it.