Beginner’s Guide to Finding an Online Casino

Beginner’s Guide to Finding an Online Casino

Finding a casino used to be simple, as long as you could find one. You would drive to your local establishment and take a seat. You could play slots, bet on sports, or play table games like roulette, poker, craps, or blackjack. Now there are thousands of online casinos and sportsbooks, but how do you find one?

What Types of Casinos Are There?

The first thing you need to decide is what you want. Otherwise, it’s like ordering a mystery box on Amazon you don’t know what you’ll get or if you’ll even like it  There are many different kinds of casinos, but there are three main types that might be able to help you find what you want.


By far slot games make up the majority of online casino offerings as they are the most simple for the casino to run and operate. These games come with welcoming bonuses or with bonus spins—anything to get you to sit at their table. If this is the type of gaming for you, there are dozens of possibilities.

Live Casinos

There are other types of casinos that might catch your eye. Some people love to play at ‘Live Casinos.’ At these establishments, you are to play both card or roulette games. Better yet, you can play them alongside other players just like in a brick-and-mortar casino. This option is best if you want to play poker or blackjack against the field or the dealer. 


Golf, football, tennis, NFL you can bet you’ll find odds for it at on online sportsbook. Just like your local high street bookie, online sportsbooks offer a range of sports for you to bet on. Many even offer in-play and live betting . So, the next time it’s raining outside and you want to place a bet on your team or have a tip on a horse just go online. Pro tip: Check out SuperLenny’s recommended online sports betting sites to avoid being scammed or tricked.

Make Sure Your Casino Is Legal

Before you choose a casino, you need to make sure that it’s one that will work for you. Many European casinos have strict regulations and only allow people from certain countries to invest and in the establishment. For example, LeoVegas and BETSAFE are only eligible for UK residents only. Make sure that your resident country is protected and served by the casino that you would like to join. You could end up losing all of your winnings if you don’t pay attention to this fine print.

The same rings true for casino bonuses. Due to different rules and regulations around the world, not all markets can enjoy bonus offers. For example, in Sweden, only 1 casino bonus can be offered to players. To cut out the guesswork SuperLenny has listed the best UK casino bonuses out there.

What if I Like Slots the Most?

If you are fascinated by slots, you are going to be spoiled for choice. The slot market was the first to develop because it was simple to establish. Go to the lobby and explore the types of games that each casino has to offer. Each has a suite of games that are available for you to peruse and to have fun wagering against. The games have become more intricate as technology has moved along. Each provides a theme that goes along with music and an immersive and atmospheric feel to each game.

Slot games are famous for their emphasis on bonuses and rewards packages. These freebies can be tricky to understand and might not suit your gaming style. These specialised casinos frequently reward their customers with promotions and bonuses for extra spins. Sometimes you can cash out these additional spins and sometimes there is a wagering requirement. They may also give each new customer a welcoming bonus. These bonuses are not created equal, and it takes a discerning eye to tell which one is best for you. Pro tip: Investigate all bonuses and extra spin promotions.

How Do I Play Live Casino Games?

Live Casinos have become increasingly popular among gamers. Instead of playing simple slots, here the player has the option to join games live and play in real-time. Frequently these casinos offer roulette, poker and blackjack to entice their customers. Online players can ‘sit down’ with current players in a land-based casino. This increases the stress of gaming but also accentuates the excitement that comes along with it. The best part is that there is usually a Live Chat feature that lets you talk to both the dealer and to the other players.

Playing in a Live Casino, you should know about how to play each game and how you can play the most intelligently. Roulette has the worse Return to Player investment, for example. On the other hand, blackjack, poker and baccarat have the lowest house edge, but the casino will also take a percentage of your winnings. Pro tip: Only play table games if you know the rules. The atmosphere can be a little nerve-wracking, but the individual games are the same. It might help to watch a friend play first.

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How Do I Find a Good Sports Betting Site?

You might like to wager on sporting events. Casinos like 32RED Casino and RIZK are cornering the market at the moment. This is the ideal choice for someone without too much to lose, or for someone who knows what they are doing. These casinos specialise in providing users with access to up-to-date books on every sporting event in the area. They can provide standard over/under bets, or they can branch out into more exotic bets. The more you know about your sport, the better off you’ll be.

Perhaps the best example of these wagers is when betting on horse races or on a sport that you have confidence in. Many of these establishments not only offer live betting, but they also promise the same day payout to their players. In particular, the horse races go at breakneck speed and are a great way to wager on multiple races at once. This makes the experience that much more exhilarating and can lead to a wonderful night out on the town. Lenny’s top tip: Don’t wager on sports that you do not understand!


Pro tip: Check out SuperLenny’s recommended online sports betting sites to avoid being scammed or tricked.


Lenny’s top tip: Don’t wager on sports that you do not understand!

Is my Casino’s Security Up to the Challenge?

You want to vet you gaming options before you invest. One thing to look out for is your casino’s reputation. You want to make sure that they have a strong support staff that can help you over any concern that you have. An ideal casino will have 24/7 customer service that can help you understand their policies. Reputable companies are more than happy to assist you in any way. Read some reviews, and if they are getting bad feedback from other customers, then it might be time to choose a new venue.

You also want to make sure that your preferred payment options are accepted at your casino of choice. Most establishments will take Visa/Mastercard or bank transfers. To get the most bang for your buck, make sure that they take some additional online payments as well. See if they will accept Skrill, Neteller or PayPal. This gives you more security and flexibility. This can make it easier for you to withdraw your money on your own terms. Pro tip: make a budget for how much you plan to spend at a new casino!

Finding the Right Online Casino

Choosing a new online casino can be daunting. As long as you do your due diligence, you should be fine. You need to understand what type of gaming you’re interested in. Make sure that you’re not breaking any laws by gaming through your resident nation. Decide what type of play you’re interested in: slots, live casino games, or sports betting? Investigate the casino’s support and payment methods that can help you the best. Pro tip: With this information available, start doing some research and discover what is the best fit for you!