Famous UK Gamblers

Famous UK Gamblers

Lenny takes a look at famous gamblers from the UK. Through skill, cunning and great commitment their stories are a thrilling read.

In order for a player to go down in the history books of gambling, they must be lucky, sneaky, and of course skillful. Nothing that can’t be achieved with around 10,000 of practice, right?  Truth be told, every player has the chance to move from the low budget wagers at UK Casinos by starting from the bottom and working their way all the way to landing millions at the high paying tables.


Few have made legendary status in the gambling world, those that have, have incredible stories to tell. We take a look at UK players and the history behind how they etched their names into the UK Gambling history books.


John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich

So committed was Montagu to the cards table that he refused to leave to eat. Thankfully for us, this led to the creation of one of the world’s most popular foods.

Charles James Fox

This notorious Whig statesman was as equally famous for his oration and eloquent speeches on liberty, the French Revolution, and the rights of man as he was for his prolific gambling career.

Andrew Black

Although he didn’t get his first job until he was 26 years old, this professional gambler – who is the brains behind Betfair – went on to amass a fortune worth £114m once his billion-dollar company was floated on the stock exchange.

Patrick Veitch

After winning a place at Cambridge University aged just 15, Veitch went on to have a highly successful gambling career, amassing a fortune worth millions.

The Shaked brothers

This cunning pair turned their passion for gambling into a winning business idea and founded 888casino in the late 1990s.