21 Years of the Under 21 Championship Games

21 Years of the Under 21 Championship Games

Believe it or not, the Under 21 Football championship is now entering the 21st year. This year will be an exciting event as there are some real competitors looking to take the coveted Golden Boot award which is given out to the player with the most goals. It won’t just be a game for the scorers, though. The tournament that is taking place in Poland this year is more than just a collection of games. This competition makes and breaks young careers, which means these players are fighting for their futures. The competition in the UEFA makes the outcome of any game in this series unpredictable which can be a very interesting trait for professional punters and weekend gambling enthusiasts alike.

Watch out for Spain

While it is almost impossible to say how a team is going to fair in a tournament like this one, by looking at the track record of certain teams it is possible to make a few educated guesses where capable teams are concerned. In the past four runs of the UEFA, Spain has gone home with the Cup and they seem fairly strong this year as well. We would not go so far as to make a prediction on Spain taking it this year, though.

Whoever goes up against them is going to be playing at full tilt, so it’ll be very interesting to see the outcome of these teams going head to head. Another reason that making that kind of prediction is almost impossible is the fact that there are so many other great teams playing. At the time of writing this, however, Spain has defeated Macedonia in their first game of the series at 5-0. The biggest win spread of all, so far. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for these guys in a serious way.

Another team that has started off well this year has been Portugal; beating Serbia in a tough match, 2-0 on the first day. Unfortunately Portugal lost to Spain, and even though they gave them a run for their money, Spain came out on top with 2-0.

More Sports

South Africa vs. New Zealand in the Women’s Cricket World Cup is happening midweek, followed by the West Indies vs. India. Definitely a couple of interesting matches that will keep you glued to the screen.

Or if you prefer your sport a little feistier, then look out for the Taekwondo – World Taekwondo Championships happening all throughout the week.

21 Years of the Under 21 Championship Games
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