A Guide to Betting on Darts

A Guide to Betting on Darts

Darts is one of those sports that has been under the radar for many years. However, in a turn of events that one might not have expected, recently the game has seen a surge in popularity with big audiences tuning in to watch tournaments and events. A number of professional players have been successful in promoting this sport, particularly in the UK and Europe, thereby adding to its success. There’s also the fact that there are some decent, and in fact, growing, prizes on the line to draw in an ever-growing group of competitors.

In it’s live setting Darts can actually be rather fun. The atmosphere of the crowd being infectious as the excitement builds. But for those of you looking to make some money off these darts competitions, then you’ll need to have some key strategies in place to not get caught out Keeping a calm demeanour, thinking about the long term and placing careful, thought out bets are key if you’re going to be successful. Read our comprehensive guide to find out how to bet on darts, and be successful at it!

Understanding the Game

Before getting involved in the betting process, it’s a good idea to fully understand the rules of the game. There’s a single dartboard placed at a throwing distance of 2.37 metres (7 feet 9 and 1/4 inches) from the players’ feet. Each round has just two players who take it in turns to throw three darts at the board. Darts scoring plays backwards. Each player starts at 501 points and attempts to reach, but not pass, a score of 0 before the other player. If they succeed in this, then they win the leg.

After the three darts are thrown, the total score is calculated and a running tally is kept, gradually cutting down that 501 score to zero. Different parts of the board give different points, so players themselves will also be calculating to see if they can make the correct hits. As you would expect, the player who throws first in the leg is most likely to win that one, but they take it in turns with a best of five legs per set. Then it’s a best of three in terms of sets with the winner match victor.

Types of Bets in Darts

Punters have a wealth of betting options when it comes to betting on Darts. Although the full range of options will depend on the bookies you are at. There are some common wagers, which we will outline here. Match winner is as simple as it gets, and just as straightforward. In most tournaments players can also draw, so this is another pretty straightforward option. Handicap betting is also a popular option. If one player is favoured to win, bookies will up the ante by offering handicaps of legs. The final winning score must include these extras.

Outright tournament winner is another popular option. Similar to match winner, this can give you good odds if you pick a less likely player. However, we recommend doing some player research before going all out on this one. Leg winner, First 180, Total 180 and Most 180s are also popular options to wager on. The 9 Dart Finish – player to make a perfect 501 score in 9 darts to take the leg – is very rare. But it will payout impressively if it does occur. Check out player form and stats though before going for this one!

Top Competitions and Players

When you’re starting out in Darts betting, we recommend that you stick to the bigger tournaments. This will help you to get some of the better odds, or simply find a bookies that’s actually got odds for it at all! The PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) World Championship is one of the biggest events in the Darts calendar. It’s the highest profile darts event and runs from December to January. The world’s best players all vie for a top spot here, oh, and a portion of that rather hefty top prize!

When it comes to players, research is key. Of course, there are a number of top players that you can look out for. However, odds on them won’t be as good, although they are more likely to win. One of the most popular players is Phil Taylor. Having won a massive 16 PDC World Titles, he finally hung up his darts in 2017. The current best player, Michael van Gerwen, is looking to knock Taylor off top spot. At just 17 he won the World Masters and has been in top form ever since. He’s usually the odds-on favourite.

Where To Bet On Darts

There are a number of top bookies that offer darts betting. However, when you look, you should check out all the features of the site before jumping in. Firstly, you should check out the odds they are offering for the various betting markets and compare these to other sites. It’s also a good idea to see if there are any welcome bonuses, risk-free betting options and even odds boosts. All of these can give you a better chance at success. Finally, make sure the bookies is licensed and regulated so that you know you’re in safe hands.

Final Thoughts

Once you get into it, darts is a really entertaining sport. We can’t stress enough, though, how important it is to get to grips with all of the rules so that you can make some good betting decisions. We also recommend monitoring your bankroll when betting so that you don’t overspend, potentially running into problems. If you’re just starting out though, we suggest that you stick to picking big events. Check out the players, learn the bet types and rules and you will be well on your way to Darts betting success!