A surprising Premier League weekend

A surprising Premier League weekend

We are seeing a gap getting bigger in the struggle for a good final place in the Premier League this season. The same is not true for the struggle to survive, and we are waiting for an exciting round in the midweek.

Struggle for top four

While the race for the title has seemed quite settled for some time now, Chelsea did actually hit a bump in the road against Crystal Palace on Saturday. A 1-2 loss to Crystal Palace while Tottenham won 0-2 against Burnley means that there might be some more excitement to come in the final stretch of the season. Seven points separates them, and that is not very much with nine games to go. Everton has probably fallen too far behind after losing 3-1 to Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday. Eight points separates them from 4th place, but there are two teams to beat for that place. Arsenal and Manchester United might have a problem now, as both of them only got one points against West Bromwich and Manchester City respectively. A 2-2 result is a good result for Arsenal, but mr. Wenger should fear that it is not good enough. Still, seven points away from Manchester City at 4th place is not a lot, especially considering the fact that they still have one game less played. Manchester United is in the same situation, but they only have four points away from their baby blue city rivals.

Uncomfortable for Swansea

The three points must be very welcome for Crystal Palace, as they are now four points away from 18th place. On the other hand, the weekend was not good at all for Swansea. Facing 19th placed Middlesbrough on Sunday, they should have had every chance to get three points. They did not, and since Hull defeated West Ham it is now only one point that is separating them. Sunderland lost again. With eight points away from Swansea, the situation looks very dark for them. It woon’t give them much comfort that Newcastle is looking like a racing car on its way to a promotion in The Championship.

Midweek round

Few things are better than a midweek round, and we will see some great games on Tuesday and Wednesday. Everton will go to Old Trafford at eight o’clock on Tuesday in what is their very last chance at still being part of what can be considered the top teams. At Leicester-Sunderland, the guests really have to win. If they do not, I do not see any hope of them being in the Premier League next year. The best game of the week will be played at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday, when Manchester City visits Chelsea. If Manchester City wins this game while Tottenham beats Swansea in Wales, then we will have a great deal of excitement towards the end of the season.

A surprising Premier League weekend
Author: Lenny
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