A Ten Game Finale

A Ten Game Finale

This Sunday there was a massive ten games to finish off the Premier League. All twenty of the teams played with a dramatic joint kick off at 3pm.

The Top Four

A spot in the Champions League is at stake for the top teams vying for that top spot. Sadly for Arsenal, despite a great last game against Everton, it just wasn’t enough and they slid back down into fifth by the time the weekend had ended. Beating Everton 3 -1 was just not enough for the team and they have now missed a spot in the Champions League for the first time in a whopping twenty years.

Liverpool beat Middlesbrough a sound 3 – nil which took them back into fourth above a despondent Arsenal. A slow start to the game, soon the relegated Middlesbrough disintegrated under the pressure leaving Liverpool to claim that coveted fourth spot. Manchester City destroyed Watford in a 5 – nil onslaught that saw them claim third spot. Needing only a single point to stay in the top four, they were already at 4 – nil by half time, victory was inevitable. Tottenham annihilated a stunned Hull City with an astounding 7 – 1 score and thus securing themselves second spot on the table. Sadly for Hull they are now heading back to the Championships after doing so well to hit the big leagues.

Lastly, Chelsea easily overcame Sunderland in a 5 – 1 victory becoming the first English team to have thirty top-level victories. Securing their top spot, which they had in fact already claimed last weekend, the victors said goodbye to captain John Terry at the end of the game.

Elsewhere on the table

Manchester United ended their rather disappointing campaign with a 2 – nil win over Crystal Palace claiming sixth spot on the table. West Ham moved in from behind to claim a last minute win over Burnley ending their season on a 2 – 1 win. A draw between Bournemouth and Leicester City at one all saw Bournemouth get their highest placement in the tournament coming in at ninth to Leicester’s twelfth. It was also Swansea’s day as they fought back at a 1- nil deficit at half time to win 2 -1 over West Brom putting the former into fifteenth and West Brom dropping down to tenth.

What’s on Next Week?

Next week sees games from the Irish Premier Division and Manchester United attempting to redeem themselves in the Europa League final. Later weeks bring us the FA Cup Final of course the much anticipated Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Juventus will take place in a few weekend’s time.

A Ten Game Finale
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