All Aboard the Train of Sports

All Aboard the Train of Sports

There is a lot going on this week in September. From running and cycling through to football qualifiers and cricket events; this week has it all.

Get Cycling

Starting on the 3rd of the month, the cycle race Tour of Britain begins and then continues on throughout the week. Raced around the roads of Britain, the aim is to finish in the fastest time. Dating back to just after the First World War, this event initially took place in 1945 and has been run under a variety of different names depending on the sponsors. The modern version we know today only really began in 2004 and is also part of the UCI Europe Tour. Each year the course of the race changes but as of 2004 always consists of eight stages.

Football Frenzy

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is fast approaching and with it comes all the qualifiers. Countries from around the world go head to head in the qualifying rounds in order to try and make it through to the main event. The 4th and 5th September see all the British and Irish teams up against their various opponents in an attempt to make it through. Monday 4th sees England face off against Slovakia, Scotland versus Malta, and Northern Ireland pit their chances against the Czech Republic. Tuesday’s games see Wales heading out to square up against Moldova, and the Republic of Ireland faces off against Serbia. These games will mark the final rounds of the qualifiers, and the last chance of many teams to make it through.

Other events

The end of the week has both athletics and cricket on offer. Starting on the 7th and continuing into next week to finish on the 11th, the Third Test for England verses the West Indies takes place at Lord’s. A prestigious ground, this cricket test between the two teams will be a highly anticipated one. 2015’s matchup between the two teams saw each of them win a match, and draw the third. Can a more definitive score be made this time around?

The North, specifically Newcastle, will see some action on the last day this week. 10th September is the Great North Run, the biggest half marathon that takes place in the world. Racers have to run between Newcastle and South Shields.

Coming up Next Week

For the cricket fans, there is more in the form of some Twenty20 action and there is also exciting horseracing as the St Leger kicks off next week as well.

All Aboard the Train of Sports
Author: Lenny
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