And The DreamHack Winner Is …

And The DreamHack Winner Is …

This year’s DreamHack Malmo was a thrilling rollercoaster ride full of unexpected twists and turns. What looked to be a predictable tournament swiftly changed to become something extraordinary as top teams crashed out leaving the winning spot completely up for grabs.

G2 Triumphant

A final to remember, G2 started it off with a bang. A 7 – 1 lead in the opening game instantly put North on the back foot. However, North valiantly fought back, bringing them within touching distance at 11 – 14. G2 then stepped up a gear and took the first game of the series. The second map saw North performing much better with a 3 – 0 lead. But G2 swiftly moved in to close that gap. Even though they ended up playing with no money, North was still able to make things very hard for the French side, but it was not enough. G2 were victorious, and they took the title 2 games to none.

G2’s path to the final was far from a simple one, though admittedly they made it look easy. Destroying EnVyUs in the first round, they quickly moved on to take top spot in Group D when they successfully faced off against Immortals. A big quarterfinal game saw G2 take on and dismiss top-ranked SK Gaming, and then it was on to the semi-finals against reigning champs NiP. G2 brushed them aside and moved emphatically into the finals. Their levels of accuracy, superior strategies and excellent levels of teamwork saw them outclass North on almost every level. They were simply the better team.

Against Expectations

It was not the outcome many expected, but nevertheless, the display of talent and gamesmanship was outstanding all round. A thoroughly enjoyable tournament, fully representative of the awesomeness of CS:GO. Fans were left thrilled by the closely matched teams, the games swinging back and forth and the title open to any team.

The biggest disappointments came from the somewhat lacklustre performances by SK Gaming and Astralis, neither seeming to make an impact in the games when it mattered, and both making uncharacteristically bad decisions. By contrast, Renegades performed better and lasted longer in the tournament than could have been predicted.

North, Gambit and NiP all showcased their excellent talent, providing thrilling and close run games in the run up to the final. There were also a few notably outstanding players such as, “valde” who proved invaluable for North, and “kennyS from G2 winning MVP through his decisions on the final Cobblestone map, beating out pre-tournament favourites “apEX” and “k0nfig” for the title.

And The DreamHack Winner Is …
Author: Lenny
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