And The Winners Are…

And The Winners Are…

Top news this weekend was Chelsea’s decisive win over West Brom. Their 1 – nil victory crowning them the Premier League Champions before the season has even finished. It was a close run thing however and it was only in the last eight minutes that victory was finally theirs. Elsewhere in the ranks there have been some movements both up and down, most not surprising.

The Top Spots

It was not necessarily the game Man City was hoping for but they prevailed at the last managing to hold and beat Leicester City at the bitter end. A great start, though with one somewhat controversial goal, the Leicester side picked up the pace in the second half and nearly drew even but for a second goal being ruled a double touch, much to the relief of Man City fans. Liverpool destroyed West Ham in a 4 – nil show down retaking their third place spot as earlier in the day they had been jumped by Manchester City. Later in the day Arsenal closed the gap between them and Liverpool to just one point after scoring a 4 – 1 win over Stoke City and remains sitting pretty at fifth. Last game of the weekend was Tottenham v Manchester United. A 2 – 1 victory over Manchester United has kept Tottenham in the coveted second spot. Man United’s hopes of finished in the final four were already squashed with Liverpool’s win over West Ham leaving them in sixth.

In the Lower ranks

Elsewhere in the ranks Bournemouth beat Burnley with an emphatic 2 – 1 and secured their highest finish in 118 years. Bournemouth has now moved up to tenth spot, a place they have never been before. Southampton will remain in the top half of the table after beating the already relegated Middlesbrough 2 -1 this weekend. After this week’s victory, Swansea cements their safety with a 2 – nil victory over another already relegated team, Sunderland. A very lackluster performance from the latter team, they were booed off the pitch after both halves summing up their season. A barely threatening Watford let Arsenal claim an easy scalp with a 1 – nil win for them on Friday.

Coming up

With many of the teams having their shortcomings opened up to the world, it remains to be seen what happens at the top. Chelsea, Watford, Arsenal and Manchester City all have games mid-week that could potentially change the top four about again.

And The Winners Are…
Author: Lenny
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