Arsenal – Bayern Munich, Celtic Rangers, FA and PL

Arsenal – Bayern Munich, Celtic Rangers, FA and PL

It has been a week to remember in European football, both because of a horrible performance from Arsenal and a shocking end to the game between Barcelona and PSG – the latter might very well be one of the most dramatic in the history of the game, while the former might mean that this is the end of an era. Anyway, a great weekend of FA Cup football is coming up, and Britain’s by far most dramatic derby is scheduled for Sunday.

Many goals in Europe

Arsenal was hosting Bayern Munich on Tuesday in what looked like an impossible task after a 5-1 loss away. Walcott sent The Gunners in the lead, but once again it proved disastrous to lose Laurent Koscielny. He got a red card, and that resulted in another huge loss, making Arsenal lose 2-10 on aggregate. The fact that they are so dependent on Koscielny should make every Arsenal fan worried. This has created many new speculations on Arsene Wengers future, but this time it might become a reality that he is stepping down. That would certainly mean that an era is over. In Barcelona we witnessed one of the most dramatic finishes in the history of the tournament, possibly only beaten by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s goal in the additional time in the final in 1999. When Barcelona-PSG had reached 88 minutes, the Catalans needed three goal. That they got, but there is highly unlikely that anyone thinks that the penalty they got after 90+1 minutes was correct. One might argue that Suarez’ history of diving should discredit any faith in his honesty by the referees – the only way to stop this nonsense is for them to tell him that he is not getting any penalties from them as he simply cannot be trusted.Old Firm

As we are all fans of British football we should take a minute to talk about what will happen on Sunday. At 12 o’clock it is kick off time in what is likely to be the most spectacular and sensitive derby game in the entire world. I am of course talking about Celtic-Rangers. It is not like it will have any significance for the title race, as it became clear that Celtic will take that one for a long time now. Out of all 27 games this season they have won everyone except for one draw early in the season. Rangers is struggling to keep up with Aberdeen in the race for 2nd place. That, as well as the opportunity to deny Celtic what will be the most impressive season record in the history of modern British football, is all the motivation that is needed. Watching this game is absolutely mandatory.

FA Cup and Premier League

But it is not only in Alba (the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland) that there are things happening this weekend, for we have a very exciting weekend ahead of us in England as well. It starts with Middlesbrough-Manchester City on Saturday at 1215. This is the quarter final of the finest club tournament in the world, and the possibility of getting a trophy this season is very much alive for all the participants (well, realistically we might rule out Lincoln City). At 3 o’clock we will be watching Bournemouth-West Ham, Everton-West Bromwich and Hull-Swansea. The latter is the most interesting game if you ask me, as it is a key game in the struggle to avoid relegation this season. Swansea has a five points clearance to the relegation zone, while Hull is four points away from the safe 17th place. At half past five it is time to watch non-league side Lincoln City enter The Emirates Stadium. That is something else than what they are used to. Imagine the shock waves they might send if they qualify for the semi-finals from here! After Old Firm on Sunday, it is time to watch Tottenham-Millwall, followed by Liverpool-Burnley. Watching all of these games is the best way to spend the weekend if you ask me!

Arsenal – Bayern Munich, Celtic Rangers, FA and PL
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