Arsene Wenger Under Pressure

Arsene Wenger Under Pressure

The pressure is getting very uncomfortable for Arsene Wenger after a pathetic game on Monday, while Leicester City still has a fair chance in the Champions League. We will have top games both in the Championship and in the Premier League this weekend.

Horrible performance by Arsenal

After a good weekend by all the other top teams, Arsenal was in great need of three points on Monday. And it should not be too hard to get that from Crystal Palace, a team that is struggling to avoid relegation. But it did not turn out to be that way. A surprising 1-0 loss would be one thing, but Palace finished the game with a 3-0 victory. A very good result for them, but a catastrophic one for Arsenal. Wenger’s future is still very uncertain, as Arsenal is currently holding the 6th place. It might very well be that they will not be seen in the Champions League next year.

Loss for Leicester

A team that is flying high in the Champions League is Leicester City. They lost 1-0 away to Atletico Madrid on Wednesday, which is not a very bad point of departure for the next game. There is still a good opportunity for them to reach the semi-finals this season. No matter what happens, the season has been very good for them. Juventus defeated Barcelona 3-0; Real Madrid won 2-1 away against Bayern Munich while Monaco won 3-2 away to Dortmund.

Top games

We have a long weekend of football ahead of us. It is starting tonight with a full round of Championship football from three o’clock. The most anticipated game kicks off at 7:45 with Newcastle-Leeds. The greatest game of the Premier League this weekend is without doubt Manchester United-Chelsea on Sunday at four o’clock. Apart from that, we do not find too many games where both teams really need all the points they can get, as all of the middle placed teams that are safe from relegation and far away from European competitions are facing the teams at the top or the bottom. It should be mentioned that you have the opportunity to catch one of Europe’s finest derbies at 11:30 on Saturday, when Inter will be facing AC Milan.

Arsene Wenger Under Pressure
Author: Lenny
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