Auto Roulette VIP – Automatic Fun

Auto Roulette VIP – Automatic Fun

In live casino games, generally live dealers are pitted against players. However, the idea of automation has caught on, and online casino games are an ideal medium for it to flourish. Evolution Gaming’s Auto Roulette VIP game has a fully automated real roulette wheel and it’s an interesting option for those players who are looking for a game with more solidity than the usual RNG’s, but don’t necessarily want to interact with a live dealer. The game runs twenty-four hours a day, so it caters to all time zones.

The Game

The game has been designed to provide fast paced entertainment, and it plays a minimum of 60 games per hour. The game follows the standard European Roulette rules, and in place of the dealer, the ball is launched repeatedly by a slingshot. The game is broadcasted in high quality and attracts players who can afford the high stakes, with the maximum bet being 20,000. However minimum bets of 0.20 are also possible, so although the game is exclusive to VIP’s, bets don’t necessarily have to go through the roof. Betting options do vary, and payouts are between 1:1 and 35:1.

Live Roulette Rules

As with all versions of roulette, this live automated version follows the general rules of roulette. Players choose their chip value and then place their bets before the ball is launched using the number table featured on the screen.

In this version of roulette, players can in fact place a bet after the ball has been launched, but all bets are stopped once the ball starts slowing down. Bets can be inside or outside bets, and standard bets can be placed in all the usual ways; a single number, a colour, odds or evens, a group of numbers.

Auto Roulette at SuperLenny

Auto Roulette VIP can be found here at SuperLenny, but the game is not suited for people who prefer slow paced games similar to RNG based roulette games. The auto roulette VIP game offers the speed of a game that doesn’t have any of the usual procedures and pleasantries that tend to go along with casino games. Auto Roulette VIP also has the convenience of instant access to players throughout the day and week as it has no human interaction. Players can play a maximum of 80 games per hour, and the game has a house edge of 2.80%.

Auto Roulette VIP – Automatic Fun
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