B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape – Underdogs at Malmö

From Singapore, this new team will be coming in off the back of three straight wins against Grayhound Gaming, ViCi Gaming, and TyLoo in the Asian-Oceania DreamHack closed qualifier, setting them up nicely for the main event at the end of this month. You will be forgiven for not knowing so much about this team as they only formed in January of this year when B.O.O.T bought dreamcape, hence the name change.

A rather low world ranking at just 71, B.O.O.T-dreamcape will have a lot of work to do as they are the lowest ranked team in the tournament by a significant margin. Having already experienced one player change, the current team is now made up of; Anthony ImpressioN Lim, Benjamin moxie Kou, Nevin splashske Aw, Benedict Benkai Tan and Kumaresan Tommy Ramani.

From Dreamcape to B.O.O.T

The original team of dreamcape was formed way back in 2010. The team was made up of a combination of top players from a number of different teams. The goal was to create a passionate and experienced team that would advance and impress in the local Counter Strike: Source gaming scene. Through wins and losses the team has yet to lose focus and has only progressed forward at every obstacle. The reboot occurred with the team’s moving to Counterstrike: Global Offensive. There was a large reshuffle in 2012 to make this possible. Still in the regional scene they aim to make it big in the International one and it begins this year.

The Road to DreamHack Masters

B.O.O.T-dreamcape was the major upset in this year’s DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 Asian closed quarterfinals. Only six were left in it and B.O.O.T-dreamcape took the one slot available knocking TyLoo, the top ranked Chinese team right out of the running. A young team, whilst they have the potential, they have previously failed at every major qualifier this year. The final game against TyLoo saw the team suffer some nerves and a distinct wobble in the middle, but by the third map they had pulled it together and gained their spot at DreamHack Malmö.

Susceptible to a break down in confidence, this could get the better of them in trickier stages of the tournament, but they do also seem to work well under pressure and could pull it together. Their chances don’t look great though as most of their games this year have been qualifiers and only two major; China Cup 1 and BeyondGodlike SEA CS:GO League Season 1, where they were third and second respectively. Their substantially lower world ranking and inexperience in the top tier tournaments may be detrimental in the long run.

 Photo credit: DreamHack, Abraham Engelmark

B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape – Underdogs at Malmö
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