Baccarat Wordlist

Baccarat Wordlist offers plenty of options for players who enjoy playing baccarat. In our live casino you can play Baccarat Squeeze, Baccarat A, and Baccarat B. The live casino aims to give players a more authentic casino experience; there is a live dealer to converse with and a real table, with real cards being dealt. Although the game itself is pretty simple, the terms in Baccarat are a bit confusing if you don’t speak French.

In order to become a confident player it’s a good idea to get to grips with these terms, so here at SuperLenny we thought we’d help you out by compiling a list of words that might help you sound more like a pro.


Here are some of the most important ones listed in alphabetical order.

Baccarat: The worst hand you can get in Baccarat, which has the count of zero.

Banker/Player Bet: Betting on the dealer or the player (not a tie).

Bankroll: The total of a player’s gambling money.

Burning: Putting aside the top 3-6 cards after shuffling before playing.

Caller: ‘Caller’ is another word for ‘croupier’, or the person at the baccarat table in charge of the cards.

Coup: The French term for a round.

Face Cards: Self- explanatory, but in case you don’t know it’s the Jack, Queen and King of any suit.

House Edge: A casino’s natural advantage over any player. This can increase or decrease depending on the version of a game, or a wisely place bet.

La Grande: The French expression for ‘the big one’, this refers to the best had in Baccarat; a natural totaling nine.

La Petite: When cards total eight.

Loss Bet: A loss bet is when you bet against the bank.

Monkey: A slang terms for the cards that are useless, like face cards or 10 cards.

Natural: When there are a total of eight or nine from two cards.

Palette: The long flat wooden tool that the callers use to move cards on the table.

Pass: A pass is another word for winning.

Push: A bet that is neither a winning nor a losing one. The money is held over until the next round.

Shoe: The dealing machine that protects against any accidents in the dealing process.

Shooter: Another word for the bank.

Standoff: When the bank and the player end up having a tie.

Upcard: The card left facing up.


Baccarat Wordlist
Author: Lenny
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