Bet like never before in #Valuetown

Bet like never before in #Valuetown

Where Can I find Valuetown Bets?

In the sportsbook section, select your desired sport and event from the left side of your screen and you’ll have an option to tick ‘Valuetown’, which will display a list of bets for the selected sport. Valuetown bets can also be accessed from the ‘Quick links’ section, which will display all the bets of the selected sports and events, but if you’re looking for Valuetown bets for a specific event, choose the aforementioned method.

Type of Valuetown Bets

Valuetown bets come in many shapes and forms, but they all have one thing in common – huge winning potential. Essentially, Valuetown bets are a combination of bets combined in one, which cover a set of realistic possibilities. The odds on Valuetown bets are unheard of in sports betting and wagering a tenner can potentially see you laughing all the way to the bank.


All the major football leagues across Europe and beyond have Valuetown bets and if you’re a fan of the sport, you’ll quickly discover that it is as easy as it sounds. For instance, in the match Arsenal vs Manchester United, one Valuetown option is for Pogba to score and provide one assist and judging by the freedom the French International has been been given in the attacking half of the pitch since Solskjær took over, it makes it all the more realistic. A cheeky tenner on this Valuetown bet will potentially return £120. Now that’s value!

Another Valuetown bet example from the same match is for both teams to score and over 4.5 corners which has odds set at 9.00. Both teams scored in five of their last six meetings and all six of them had over 4.5 corners.


Tennis is a one of the most popular sports and a favourite amongst punters. Valuetown bets in tennis will include combination bets involving the winner, under/over games and number of sets won. In relation to football, tennis tends to have less bets available with less winning potential, especially if the players are ranked similarly, making Valuetown the way to go.


In combat sports, bets are limited to who will win the fight, round betting and how the fight will be end. Valuetown bets combines all the bets available to give you more bang for your buck. For instance, the following is an example of a Valuetown bet in UFC: Jimmie Riviera to win by KO in the fourth round with over 40 punches thrown per minute in each round. If you’ve researched the fighters and placed a couple of strategic Valuetown bets, you can easily take your bankroll to new heights.

Why Should I Place Valuetown Bets?

Beside the fact that these bets add tremendous value, they give players the opportunity to place bets faster than ever before. If you’re an experienced punter, you’ll know that placing bets can be pretty time-consuming as you’ll need to do your research, decide on the perfect amount to wager and whether to place a single, doubles, treble or an accumulator bet. With Valuetown bets readily available for most major sports, you’ll have the option to place bets in a fraction of the time with unbelievable returns.


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Bet like never before in #Valuetown
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