Betting on Chess

Betting on Chess

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Betting on chess can be a lot of fun. For such an intense game, there has to be an equally riveting betting experience to go along with it, and for the people who follow this sport it can be a real treat when your favourite player does as well as you think he or she will.


There are a few markets that you are likely to find with most matches. These are futures bets, outright bets, and match bets. Since the game is fast paced and very complex it is difficult to bet on individual events happening within the game itself, so most of the attention goes to the winner of the match.
For a futures bet, you can place your bet on whoever you think will win a game that will take place at a future time. These bets can be placed on the outcomes of a whole tournament, or an individual game within a tournament. Each player will have a different likelihood of winning, giving them odds that bettors can use to tell them apart.

Outright bets are made based on the overall winner of a tournament. Where there may be ten players participating, the outright bet is on the one player to take everything. Alternatively, match bets can be placed on the individual games that make up the tournament as whole.


There are not a huge variety of betting options when it comes to chess, but all of the main tournaments and big-name challenges are usually covered.

Betting on Chess
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