Betting on Cricket

Betting on Cricket

It may come as a surprise but cricket (thanks to a strong Indian audience), is actually the second most popular sport in the world. Due to this fact, potential bettors will find themselves able to place bets on games all year round. Not only that, but with the advent of online bookies, punters can do this from the comfort of home. There are numerous tournaments, players and games that punters can place a bet on, each with a wide variety of betting odds and types available. In order to get the most out of cricket betting, keep reading as we explain how you can get ahead.

How To Bet on Cricket


Before we jump straight into cricket betting, it’s important to realise that there are both international and domestic cricket events. You need to know the differences as there are various formats. International has three options – Test cricket (5 days), One-Day Cricket and T20 (one afternoon). The fact that these offer varying lengths of game-time means that, with Test cricket for example, you’ll have much longer to come up with a strategy as well as being able to choose a wider variety of betting options. With shorter cricket matches (e.g. T20), weather conditions and other scenarios don’t have time to change meaning there’s a reduced need to adapt.

Domestic cricket tends to have fewer betting options and is often in the format of T20. Most major cricket nations host their own tournaments so that you can bet on cricket virtually anywhere in the world and at any time. You’ll also need to understand the odds so that you know who the bookies are predicting is more likely to win a match. There’s also the need to identify value bets as well as knowing the types of bets such as series winner, leading runscorer, man of the match, the number of boundaries scored and so on. If you plan to succeed, you need to know these things.

Top Cricket Tournaments


Without doubt one of the top cricketing events is the Ashes. Played solely between Australia and England, this takes place every 2 years with the winner taking home the cup and, of course, a rather hefty amount in prize money. The series is a long one, taking place over multiple weekends and is comprised of a five match series of Test games. Each time it is played, the Ashes is hosted in the other nation’s home ground to give them the advantage. One of the most popular cricket events, odds on the Ashes are always an extremely popular option.

One of the other truly big events (in the minds of players at least!), is the ICC Cricket World Cup. This takes place every four years and is actually the most watched cricket event. Made up of four separate stages, there are plenty of betting options for you to enjoy. The T20 World Cup is also another great option, especially if you like your cricket short and sweet. Unlike Test games, strength and choice of shots is what matters here, instead of class and specific defence tactics, making it an interesting betting option. Other notable cricket tournaments include:

  • Basil D’Oliveira Trophy
  • Champions League Twenty20
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • Indian Premier League
  • Natwest Series

The Best Cricket Nations in the World


Cricket is not played successfully everywhere. In fact there are only a few countries that actually play this sport at the very highest levels. And you might be surprised at the countries that top this list. Coming in at number one is India. Although they have their ups and downs, currently this team has the best chasing side out of all the cricketing countries, enabling them to catch up if things go wrong. England is also a strong contender for top title. They have a great bowling attack alongside strength at the bat, although on occasion their fielding is sub par.

We can’t mention England without bringing in Australia. Usually great in the Ashes clash, Australia can be a hard team to judge and fluctuate more wildly in the world rankings than other teams, although when they’re on top form, beware! The West Indies, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh all sit nicely in the middle of the pile, often showing flashes of brilliance and taking out teams in an unexpected way. Rounding out this list are New Zealand and South Africa, although the latter is often seen to choke in International games so watch what it is you’re placing a bet on.

Top Tips to Betting on Cricket


Cricket is somewhat more complex than other sports when it comes to betting. One of the top things you need to look at is the condition of the pitch – no other sport can be so affected by the playing conditions. Check the weather forecasts for games as well as how the weather may have affected the pitch already in the run up to the game. In addition to this, check out the ground’s history. Odds will be affected by the amount of rain and what type of ground is available for the players as this will influence individual’s styles of play, potentially limiting what they can achieve.

It may not sound much, but the coin toss can also affect cricket outcomes. Winners of the toss can choose whether to bat first for example, which can have a huge impact if this is a new pitch that doesn’t enable bowlers to showcase their skills. Batting first and setting the score can also offer psychological advantages. Similar to other sports it’s also important to check out both team and player form in the weeks before a match. Finally, thanks to an over-reactive betting market, punters will often find the option to take big odds on things that weren’t big a few moments before.

  1. Check out pitch conditions
  2. Look at the history of the ground
  3. What’s in the Toss
  4. Team and player form
  5. In-play values

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