Betting on Cricket

Betting on Cricket

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Betting on Cricket is serious business. Many countries follow the sport, but the ones with a strong British influence worship it the most.

Common Cricket Markets

There are several common markets to bet in when it comes to Cricket. The markets range from matches to leagues to championships, and many different options are included in each type of market. Match betting is a very common way to bet, and can be seen as independent from league and championship bets, although they can be made during said events. They are simply bets on a particular game and have no connection with the bigger picture.
League and championship bets, on the other hand, focus more on the overall winners out of a large group of teams. Bets in these markets can include match bets, placement bets, runner-up bets, overall winner, and many more. In almost all of the markets, when betting on a particular game, there are options for point spread betting as well.

Championships and Leagues

Some of the most common ways to bet on Cricket are the ICC games, including test matches and World Cup games. The games offered by the ICC are enough to keep you busy for a very long time, as they are numerous and varied. If you are still looking for something else, however, there are many domestic markets that have a smaller audience, but can still deliver a great experience.


If you are serious about betting on Cricket just remember to stay up to date on all of the statistics for the teams, leagues, and players, as they have a huge impact on the odds. It is also advisable to check the weather forecast before placing bets on games, as bad weather can surely change the outcome of a game in an unexpected way.

Betting on Cricket
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