Betting on Cross-country Skiing

Betting on Cross-country Skiing

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If you are from a northern country, you are probably familiar with cross-country skiing as a sport and pastime enjoyed by millions. The sport is a classic winter activity and there are numerous competitions which take place in the colder months.


As with any sport, there are famous athletes that make the sport what it is. If you have one in mind, you can find his or her competitions here, but don’t forget to do your research and make sure that your favorite skier is likely to win the race you select.


When it comes to the competitions available, there are many. Cross-country skiing is an Olympic sport, which means that the people involved take it very seriously. Some well-known races to look for are the Olympic Games, of course, the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, as well as the FIS World Cup.

If you don’t want to bet on races with that high of profiles, there are still other options. There are several marathons held around the world; the Biathlon includes cross-country skiing, and there is also something called ski orienteering which is a mix between cross-country skiing and orienteering.


Whether you are interested in serious competitions or the smaller scale local matchups, you will likely find the race you are looking for at SuperLenny. Browse around a bit to see what we have to offer!

Betting on Cross-country Skiing
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