Understanding DotA 2 betting

Understanding DotA 2 betting

DotA 2, or Defence of the Ancients 2, is the successor to the very successful and hugely popular Warcraft 3 modification. Released in 2013, the game is now one of the most well-known, commonly seen as the face of eSports with major events and big betting options available.

What is DotA 2?


DotA 2 is a real-time strategy game that involves teams rather than individuals. There are 10 players, five on each side. These teams then have to take control of two different bases. Each of these bases release ‘creeps’ that attack players and towers.

Each team strategically places their towers along three paths, but the locations will remain the same for each game. The team that can destroy the central building, or the Ancient, is the winner. There are 100 heroes for players to choose from, and each has unique skills.

Starting DotA 2 Betting


One of the most popular eSports games, even in its early test phases, you will have no trouble finding somewhere to bet. DotA 2 is generally found at the majority of online bookies, and that number is growing rapidly. Even better, you’ll find a wide betting market too.

However, when you are selecting your online bookie, remember to also think about the security and licensing of the site, the customer service and any welcome bonuses or promotions they might offer. It’s also a good idea to see if they offer live streaming of DotA 2 events.

Knowing the characters


When it comes to understanding DotA 2 on a deeper level, it’s important to know the different character options. Characters are separated into 9 areas depending on their skills. These include pusher, infiltrator, nuker, escape, disabler, support etc. The choices made by each team can determine the final outcomes.

Top DotA 2 tournaments

  • The International
  • Asia Championships
  • ESL One
  • StarLadder I-League Star Series

Top DotA 2 Teams


DotA 2 is unusual compared to other eSports in that it’s not dominated by teams from specific regions. Instead, teams from all over the world successfully compete to claim top tournament titles. Some teams do stand out: Team Secret was ranked world no 1 for the longest run.

Vici Gaming is a top Chinese team, running another Chinese team, LDG, a close second. Newbee is up-and-coming, beating Vici in The International and holding a top prize-winning total of $7 million. Virtus Pro, OG and the US-based Evil Geniuses also deserve places in the top ranks.

Best DotA 2 players

Despite being a more team-orientated game, there are always standout players. Our list is based on the top prize money earned by a player, although there are other aspects that top rank could be assessed. Right now, NOtail holds top spot having earned in excess of $6 million.

JerAx and ana, from Finland and Australia, respectively, are giving Norwegian NOtail a run for his money, having also broken the $6 million mark. In fourth and fifth spots are the French Ceb and Finnish Topson, each with a hefty $5 million plus haul. All five play for OG.

Best Strategies for DotA 2


With so much going on in a DotA 2 game, especially when it comes to in-game character development, developing a specific DotA 2 strategy is more complicated than it sounds. There’s the usual options for research and betting wisely (see Top Tips), but this only gets you so far.

Character strategies

Knowing which character a team has picked is essential for success. For instance, carry heroes start the game weak, but gain in strength the longer the game goes on. For the opposition, preventing this from happening is imperative. Simply understanding this, helps you to place more pertinent bets.

DotA 2 betting options


In DotA 2 you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the betting market. There are numerous bet options available, although the full range depends on the level of the tournament you’re betting on. Traditional bet options include which team will win a match/map or tournament.

More exciting options include handicaps, which help to reduce the dominance of top teams. For other betting options you can choose things like first blood, first ten kills, first team to destroy the barracks, pick the correct map score, first team to kill Roshan and much more.

Get researching!

As we’ve said, ad nauseum, success in DotA 2 does come down to how much you know about the game. This is an eSport where you really need to know your stuff if you want to succeed. Research, keeping up to date with player and team form, is essential.

Top Tips

As we’ve mentioned, you’ll need to keep an eye on overall team form. Check out a team’s winning run as this can help to boost their confidence and potentially see them increase their winning streak. Generally, a team that’s lost four in a row is a bad bet.

It’s also important to check out any changes to a roster. Teams constantly change in an effort to find new winning combinations and improve performances. You should also make sure you stay updated on any new patches, as they can influence match results very quickly.

Long term and favourites


When you start betting, make sure that you are not making huge numbers of bets on your favourite teams. It’s important to bet at a sensible level so that you can maintain your bankroll. It’s also a good idea to check for major tournaments and save for those.

As a general rule, we also recommend against betting on the favourite. This is because bookies will offer lower odds on those likely to succeed. This is especially the case during best of one tournaments, where making money from favourites can be a slow process.

Final thoughts

DotA 2 is a thrilling eSports game that tops the eSports tournament rosters. Thanks to its popularity there are large numbers of sites that offer betting options as well as a diverse betting market. If you’re to succeed though, it’s important to remain up-to-date with team form and rosters.