Betting on Eurovision

Betting on Eurovision

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profit on a daily basis to giveyou powered odds for a variety of sporting events. If you are a fan of music and follow the most popular music competition in the world, then the Eurovision song contest needs no introduction. For those who are unfamiliar with the contest, it is a very large competition among many different countries from which a representative music group is sent to perform in front of the world.

Betting on the contest requires two things: knowledge of the markets in which to place bets; and an ear for good music. Be careful of that second one, because we are not talking about an ability to tell if a song is good or bad according to you, but rather if you can tell whether or not it will be loved by millions.

The Markets

There are a few different ways that you can bet on the Eurovision song contest. The most obvious is the outright bet, which is to decide who will win the competition on the whole. Other possibilities include betting on second and third place winners, and still others are more intricate like the option to bet on whether or not a winner was a favourite before they won. For such a complex competition, you are sure to find a market that interests you.


The next time you sit down to catch the Eurovision song contest, amplify your love for the event by placing a wager. Betting on your favourite country or singer is guaranteed to make the whole experience a memorable one, and lets you show your support for your country in a way that is meaningful.

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