Betting on Golf

Betting on Golf

Online golf betting can be highly lucrative if you understand the sport, the strategies, utilise disciplined betting techniques and pay attention to player form. Golf has long been a popular sport on a global scale, but with the rise of online betting, it’s now become a popular sport to bet on too. If you’re a newcomer to this scene, you might be overwhelmed by the betting options, the tournaments, what the odds mean etc, and this is where we can help, This golf betting guide will get you through each step so that you can be profitable online.

How to bet on golf


If you’re interested in betting on golf then there are a few things you need to think about before doing so. Firstly there are numerous tournaments to think about, second the individual players and finally the actual betting options themselves. We will concentrate on the betting options here. One of the easiest bets is simply betting on the tournament winner, though favourites will always have lower odds, but are more likely to succeed. Each Way betting is another possibility. With golfing fields often holding in excess of a hundred players, betting each way on a non-favoured player might get your further.

There are also options for first round leader bets. Often early morning play will have the best conditions – minimal wind, fresh grass and no early pressure If this is the type of betting you like, this first round leader betting could be the way to go in gaining a profit – but be aware, it’s becoming more popular. You can also place top ten or top twenty bets by choosing consistent players that have never made it to the top. You’ll generally see a decent return with some better odds than going for the favourite only. Match bets, hole in ones and nationality bets are all further options.

Top golfing tournaments to be aware of


When it comes to golf, there are really just two main tournaments you should be betting on. The first of these is the PGA Tour which occurs mainly in the US. Most of the players participating in this tour are also from the US who then test their skills against the top players from around the world. Top players are drawn to this event partly for the huge prize money but also when it comes to getting higher world ranking points. The PGA Tour gives players the highest amount of world ranking points out of any of the golfing events.

The next biggest tour is The European Tour. This takes place throughout mainland Europe, Asia and South Africa. Some of the events during this tour also occur alongside the Asian and Sunshine tours as well, which ensures that there’s the opportunity for a really international gaming environment. No matter which tour you are following, they all finish with a final series where the top players from that specific season will then compete with each other for the top prize money and contains various different events and amounts of points. There are four important golf Majors as well that are:

  • The Masters
  • US Open
  • The Open
  • USPGA Championship

Get strategic in golf betting


We have now covered some of the basics, but this will still not be enough to see success. If you really want to get ahead you’ll need to implement some strategies. One of the biggest issues in golf betting is the amount of variance you will encounter. With fields as large as 140, even picking out Tiger Woods as the winner can be difficult. With that in mind, try to reduce the variance in order to create a sustainable bankroll. But how? Firstly betting on a single player per tournament is not going to be very helpful to you. You will need to spread out the action.

You should make a couple of outright winner bets in a given tournament, but also think about making field bets too. The way you strategise and do this is completely up to you though. Some players will pick the top three or four players and hope they come through. Others will choose one top player and a selection of mid-range players that will have odds more in your favour. A relatively high wager field bet can also really help out. Of course you need to look carefully at player form as only the top three placed players will see this bet payout.

Top five golf betting tips


When it comes to further getting ahead, here are some additional tips to think about. First you should take a look at the overall form of each individual player. You should look at their recent successes at other tournaments avoiding those that haven’t been competitive in the last five times they’ve played. Alongside this you should check out the course form. Often overlooked, players have course preferences and this can really affect their performance in an event. For some courses, if a player makes a bad start, they’re never going to be able to catch up, other courses require supreme accuracy from the get-go.

While the two points above are the most important, you should study the stats throughout the season both long term and short term. When thinking about general statistics, you should also be thinking about the types of players you bet on. Inexperienced players should always be avoided. Why is this though? Well winning means a lot to a golfer as it means they no longer need to fight for a position. Players who are still unable to get their hands on a trophy succumb to greater pressures consistently. Finally, keep a record of all your betting in order to make profitable decisions and manage your bankroll efficiently.

  1. Look at player form
  2. Check out course form
  3. Study the stats
  4. Avoid players with no experience
  5. Keep a record!