What is the League of Legends?

What is the League of Legends?

League of Legends (LOL) was first created in 2009 for PCs, but with the emergence of smartphone apps it has become one of the most played MOBA genre games of all time. Its habit-forming properties and free download has made it a huge hit amongst gamers.

Betting on League of Legends


With reliable betting sites such as Sky Bet and Paddy Power offering the chance to bet on competitive LOL games, LOL’s reputation in both the gaming and betting industries is second to none. The chance to bet on LOL has made the game even more competitive and fun.

Much like any sports or gaming bet, LOL’s odds are based on each team’s current form and reputation. Therefore, it’s crucial to conduct the relevant research into each team’s background, so you can maximise the chances of winning not only the battle but the bet too.

How does League of Legends betting work?


The most commonly placed LOL bet is on the ‘money line’. This is where betting enthusiasts bet on which side will win the battle. In a normal LOL play, the game is a best-of-three. So, even if you lose the first round – there is still hope!

Odds with a ‘-‘ in front of the number shows that this is the amount you would have to bet to win £100. For example, a £160 bet at -160 would generate £100 profit. If odds have a ‘+’, larger payouts of £240 from a £100 bet can be gained.

Spread for less risk?


Away from the standard ‘money line’ bet, spreads are another frequently used betting option. This is where the wager is distributed across a variety of outcomes. It can be a safer option to use, rather than a ‘win or lose’ outcome like money line bets offer.

League of Legend’s main tournaments:

  • 2019 League of Legends
  • 2019 Play – In Stage
  • World’s Main Event

Top tips for betting on League of Legends


To maximise your bets and have the best chance of profiting from LOL’s intense battles, it is essential that you do not blindly gamble without taking the necessary precautions. A sophisticated game like LOL needs to be respected if punters want to profit.

In 2018, the World Championship’s opening ceremony peaked at over 200 million viewers, with a large percentage of these viewers being betting enthusiasts. So, let’s delve into our top tips for betting at this year’s tournaments and get you up to speed on how to profit!

Check the underdog’s capabilities

Always check an underdogs’ statistics. Do they have an edge over the favourite’s abilities or skills in one department? For example, Players majoring in accessories have an advantage in choosing which team makes the first kill. They can also destroy the primary inhibitor and towers.

These small features can impact your bet drastically, as the first kill can be vital in such a closely matched game. Of course, betting on the underdog will make for even larger profit too! Betting is not always about backing the favourite, it’s about assessing possible outliers and profiting.

Research League of Legends


Research and analysis is vital for choosing the best bets. Researching a squad’s recent form and battle statistics will always give you an advantage in the LOL betting world. It’s great to build up a portfolio of knowledge in your mind for current and future LOL bets.

Watch and study League of Legend’s games

Remember that old saying “practice makes perfect”? Well, LOL betting is no different. You must embody yourself in LOL if you want to win money. Twitch.TV is a great site to watch LOL tournaments from Thursday to Sunday, allowing you to study the game’s details over the weekend.

Know which League of Legends format you’re gambling on

Rather than a simple ‘money line’ or ‘spread’ bet, some sites will offer more finely tuned gambles that aren’t just a win-or-lose gamble for the game’s outcome. ‘First blood’ or ‘who’s killed the most barons’ are an example of in-game bets, so be careful where your wager goes!

These more specific bets are fantastic in terms of betting on an underdog, as they do not have to win the entire match, but simply win the game’s smaller statistical challenges. These bets are a must for those that have really done their research and analysis pre-betting.

Which region should you gamble on?


LOL has a worldwide group of users. From LCK (North and South Korea) , LPL (China) to EU (Europe) and the US, the LOL gaming population is huge. However, each of these regions has their own individual gaming strategies. EU/US teams are shown to be easier to read for betters.

Which teams should you look out for?

The underdog team will always provide you with the excitement of bigger profits, but which squads will provide you with the most consistency? Remember, the LOL league table is your best friend. Keep checking the big names’ statuses and expand your battle knowledge as you go to war!

As you look down at the LOL global rankings, there are tiny amounts of points that separate the top ten. FunPlus Phoenix top the rankings, with G2 Esports and SK Telecom T1 trailing just behind the Chinese giants. So with such a tight-table, which team do you go for?

Deciding between the League of Legend giants


It’s tough to decide between the best LOL squads in the world for your personal bets. Therefore, it’s vital to check each teams statistics. Who is slipping slightly? Who has put together a few good wins on the spin? Whose strengths or weaknesses outweigh the others?

These are all factors that should contribute to your research of LOL before you place a bet. Analysing teams and identifying factors can help you to win big on LOL. Remember – the preparation and research of the bet is all a part of the fun!

Remember to gamble responsibly!

With over 200 million viewers on last year’s LOL World Championships, these figures are guaranteed to rise as LOL becomes even more popular. Hopefully, these starting tips and LOL betting information will provide you with the basic foundations to go on succeed as a responsible gaming gambler!