Betting on Tennis

Betting on Tennis

Just like any other game, it’s important to understand how it works before betting on it. In this guide for betting on tennis, Superlenny will explore how scoring works, types of bets here and major tournaments you can try your luck on. Further to this, we will also explore betting strategies you can use to beat the bookies.

How Tennis Scoring Works

Tennis matches are usually composed of a set of games. A game set is deemed complete if the first player reaches 5 points. For instance, 0,15,30,40 then a game. For you to win a game, you must be at least 2 points ahead of your opponent. If both players draw at 40 points, this is called a deuce. If such a scenario takes precedent, you must win 2 points in a row to make a win.

Here, you must win six games to achieve a set. If a draw happens, you may need to go for a tie-breaker. A tie-breaker refers to a game that is first to 7 points. Notably, players can play a tie-breaker till one of them is ahead with two points. Depending on the tournament, you must win 2 or 3 sets to win a match. For instance, most women’s tournaments require 2 sets to win.

Tennis Odds

Just as it is the case with other sports betting, odds are essential in determining how much you will win if you place your bet successfully. It’s also important to note that all sporting betting events are subject to human error and tennis betting is no exception. You now understand the dynamics of this game, so let’s delve deeper. You will further need to know the different ways in which tennis odds are presented.

  • Fractional – UK and Ireland
  • Decimal – Europe
  • Moneyline – North America

So, let’s get started with the common question, what exactly does tennis betting odds represent? For instance, if your bookie lists your favourite player at say 1.75 to carry the day in a Grand Slam match, what does it imply? Well, betting odds simply indicate the possibility of an event happening. Ideally, if a player has a 1.75 odds value on them, your bookie believes their possibility of winning a match is 1 / 1.75 = 0.5714 = 57.14%

Understanding how odds and probabilities are expressed here is the first step in successful tennis betting. Further, grasping odds conversion to and from probability enhances your chances of a long term betting episode on tennis. You also may need to understand different types of bets you can place here. While some bets are based on one game, others are based on an entire tournament. Some common types of bets here include:

  • Match betting
  • Handicap betting
  • Correct score betting
  • Tie Break in a match

Match betting

Let’s start with the simplest type of bet here. Match betting means that you are wagering on a player of choice or even a team of choice in the case of doubles. The thing is, any tennis matches your bookie puts across come with a very clear favourite. For example, 1/8 for top players in the early rounds. Put it into perspective, if you wager £100 and stars align in your direction, you will make £12.50 in profits.

Handicap Betting

Just like in any other game, in tennis, there will always be that player who seems stronger than the opponent. To even out the betting, the bookmaker will place a handicap on both players. The stronger player will have a minus starting figure while the weaker player will have a plus. These handicaps are meant to provide a level and betting ground for all. This market is usually exploited by experienced players that expect to beat the bookie.

Correct Score Betting

Another way to wager your money in tennis betting markets is by predicting the correct score of a match. I.e, the correct number of sets won by each player. Supposing a match is played as the best of five sets, there are different possible outcomes. This bet is pretty much difficult to make correctly. If you are lucky enough to forecast correctly, yields are certainly higher than most other markets.

There is one certain way to win the correct score bets. Rather than wagering all your money on one outcome, you can possibly spread risk by placing your bet on a number of them. With this on board, even if only one of the bets is correct, you can still bag a few bucks and justify your investment. With such a betting strategy, be sure to be keen on money management.

Tie Break-In Match

As highlighted earlier in this guide, if a set ends in a draw, the match will end up in a tiebreaker. Since this is a very common occurrence in tennis games, most bookmakers will allow you to bet on whether there will be a tie-breaker or not. Just like the case is with most tennis markets, this is a yes/no market. You can consider player records and see their likelihood of ending in a tie match breaker.

With all the large number of bet types available, there is also a bountiful supply of tennis tournaments throughout the year. This presents you with an opportunity to make some good money if your favourite teams or players take the lead. So, how do you bet successfully on tennis? You need some betting strategies. While there is no guarantee that your strategy will always get it right, it increases your chances.


Tennis Betting Strategies

One of the most common strategies here is betting on favourites. This strategy doesn’t require a lot of knowledge about tennis anyway. Here, we are however interested in a match between an outsider and a favourite. By looking at odds assigned to each of them, you can easily not who the favourite player to the bookie is. With that in mind, you can then decide to ride the wave and place your bet on that player.

Another way that players have traditionally used in determining who to place a bet on is by considering a few factors relating to the match.

  • Is your favourite player in good health?
  • How was their performance in the last match they played?
  • Are they playing at home or away?
  • Is their opponent deemed stronger or weaker by the handicaps?

Once you are able to answer some of these questions, you can place your bet easily.

Major Tennis Tournaments

Tennis is an internationally recognised game. This means that there is certainly at least a tournament going on at any time of the year. There are four main Grand Slam events you can always look forward to. You can consider The Wimbledon and the French opens. You also can opt for the US and Australian Opens. Some of the top names here include Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams amongst others.

Parting Shot from Lenny

Betting on tennis is easy and straightforward considering that you are placing a bet on either of the two players. Further, tennis bets and odds are easy to understand even for rookies too. With there being over 10 major tournaments around the world, you always have something to wager on and still get entertained if you are a tennis fan as well.

Betting on Tennis
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