Blackjack Platinum VIP – Rolling High

Blackjack Platinum VIP – Rolling High

Blackjack is a game that has remained a favourite amongst casino goers over many generations. It is no wonder then that such a popular game has been adapted to be compatible with recent technological developments, or that it has been modified to meet the requirements of those customers who consider themselves to be high rollers.

The Live Factor

Blackjack Platinum VIP is a live dealer game that caters exclusively to casino goers who will not hesitate to shell out more money during betting. The minimum bet is 25.00 while the maximum is a fairly large 2000.00. The maximum bet though varies depending on the casino that the game is played in.

The game is played with 8 decks, and the dealer either stands on hard or soft 17s. Standard bets and side bets such as Bet behind, Perfect pairs and 21 +3 are possible too. Insurance side bet is also allowed and players can either spilt or double the initial cards. An insurance bet means that a player can make a side bet as to whether or not the dealer has a blackjack, which is essentially a way of winning at least half of the bet back should either the player of the dealer win. As the name suggests, an insurance bet is a way of insuring that the player doesn’t lose their entire wager. Splitting the cards means that a player can play two separate hands from one deal and therefore bet on either hand to win.

The Wow Factor

Blackjack Platinum VIP is played with the standard rules of blackjack and offers the possibility of large payouts due to the high betting amounts. It is a game which attracts serious players only, and it would be unwise for a beginner to jump in to the deep end. The game, with one of the lowest house edges, is a test to the skill and luck of the gamer and it is imperative that the player understands the rules of the game adequately to utilize the low house edge advantage.

Evolution Gaming has set the VIP version apart from the standard live casino blackjack versions with its unique grey colouring scheme, its multiple camera angles, and its high quality video. It is a good platform for VIP customers to feel they are playing in the big leagues without the need to drop more money than sense.

The Game at SuperLenny

At SuperLenny we offer numerous gaming options in casino. However, Blackjack Platinum VIP in our live casino is generally the more interesting option for most players due to the interaction with a live dealer and other players.

Blackjack Platinum VIP – Rolling High
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