Blackjack Wordlist

Blackjack Wordlist

Things can get confusing for a beginner during a game of blackjack when the dealer and the other players at the table start using terminology specific to the game. So we have compiled a list of some of the most common terms in Blackjack to help you with your game.

Next time you play one of the Live Casino games over at SuperLenny like Exclusive Blackjack Paris, Blackjack Party, or one of the many different levels of Blackjack VIP; keep these terms in mind:

Blackjack: When you get a hand that equals 21, you have yourself a Blackjack.

Natural: Another term for 21, but when you have a Natural it means that the very first two cards that you were dealt made up the hand of 21. Obviously, it is possible to have both a Natural and a Blackjack at the same time, so don’t get confused by the two.

Hard Hand vs. Soft Hand: The hands that you will see described as Hard and Soft are varied but they all have something in common. Hard hands are two-card hands that do not include an Ace, and Soft hands are two-card hands that do include an Ace. Hard hands are termed that way because they are unwavering; the numbers can’t be changed. The Soft hand is different because an Ace that can equal to either 1 or 11, meaning you have a lot more choice when it comes to hitting and putting more pressure on the dealer.

Bust: To go over 21 with one hand. As soon as you bust, you lose the round. All the strategies surrounding Blackjack are meant to keep players close to 21, but not over it.

The Bust Card: The last card that you received before going bust and losing the round.

Hit: To add another card to your hand to try and get closer to 21.

Stand: To refuse another card, and simply play with the cards in your hand.

Push: When the final result between the player and the dealer is a tie.

Double Down: Doubling your initial stake. If you think that your hand is especially good, you can double down in the hope to win a bigger pot.

Split: Cards dealt to one player in one hand, which are then used to play two separate hands. When certain cards are dealt on the first deal, you sometimes have the option to split your hand.

Blackjack Wordlist
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