Brazil + Beach Volleyball = Must Watch

Brazil + Beach Volleyball = Must Watch

There are some perfect matches in this world: Bread and butter, country music and whiskey, sun and fishing. We can safely put Brazil and beach volleyball into that category, as this country seems to have been created solely to have a perfect place to play or watch this sport. There are few places in this world with more perfect beaches than Brazil, and beach volleyball constitute a very large part of the culture of the country in general and Rio de Janeiro in particular.

But it is not just in Brazil that the very fine sport of beach volleyball has become hugely popular. The pictures of the match between the women’s teams of Egypt and Italy has become one of the greatest symbols of the diversity of the Olympic Games and how it brings people and nations together in a way that is probably unmatched in the entire world. The game ended with a 2-0 victory to Italy.

The skills of the female athletes in this year’s beach volleyball has impressed the whole of the sporting world. It seems like the sport is not just growing in followers, but also in the skills of the athletes. Today’s semi-finals will be a very exciting experience. Four teams that has shown great ability so far in the tournament will struggle for a place in the finals and the opportunity to give their country yet another gold medal.

Beach volleyball became a part of the Olympic Games for the first time in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. As a sport it was started in Hawaii in 1915, as a way to have a meeting place between the natives and the immigrating business community – a very fitting place for this sport to originate, if you ask most people. USA and Brazil has become the dominating Olympic teams in women’s beach volleyball. USA has won three gold medals and one silver, while the opposite is true for Brazil.

Brazil + Beach Volleyball = Must Watch
Author: Lenny
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