Can OpTic Pull It Together In Time?

Can OpTic Pull It Together In Time?

OpTic Gaming is from the US. They have suffered a general decline this year, and although they’ve had a few peaks, the latest part of the year saw them drop to their year low ranking of sixteen, where they remain in the weeks running up to DreamHack Malmö.

Also known as The Green Wall, this American eSports group has multiple teams including Call of Duty, Halo and Gears of War. Founded in 2006 the organisation is two time winners of X Games and 2015 saw them win the title of Best eSports team of the year. Whilst their other gaming teams have been around for a while, the CS:GO team wasn’t created until January 2016 when they signed the team from Conquest.

For the rest of the year the team line-up changed a number of times, though this didn’t seem to have a detrimental effect on the team’s performance as they won first place in four tournaments; three Majors and one Premier. 2017 though has seen a drop in performance, with a lacklustre attempt in the ELEAGUE Major 2017 seeing OpTic come in at 12th – 14th. The ESL One Cologne 2017 also proved unsuccessful, with a placing of 13th-16th.

A Messy Roster

The team’s best player was the American/Bulgarian Will “RUSH” Wierzba. A rifler for the team, he has entered the big leagues successfully, and has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. The Turkish born, US playing Tarik “tarik” Celik was the team’s entry fragger. With a lot of experience behind him, despite his age of 21, he was in the Counter-Strike 1.6 circuit long before moving to Global Offensive. Interestingly he has represented both his countries in various tournaments. In 2015 he played for USA in the World Championships, but then played for Turkey in the 2016 tournament. However, “RUSH” and “tarik” have both just left for Cloud9, leaving OpTic with just two players.

Spanish Óscar “mixwell” Cañellas is the team’s AWPer and rifler. Previously a Source and 1.6 player, this makes him somewhat of a veteran with a lot of experience behind him. Keith “NAF” Markovic of Canada is an expert rifler and has four Championship wins under his belt. Many of you will know that he is also sometimes known as “NAF–FLY”. This is in reference to a fellow player, “BRUNDLE-FLY” who died in a hit and run accident.

Will they Build Their Team in Time?

OpTic Gaming is described as a passive team but this is not really a benefit in this sport. Whilst they have been on a relative winning streak, the roster shake up so close to the tournament could be their downfall. With barely any players on board, the question now is not whether or not they have a chance of winning at DreamHack Malmö, but whether or not they will be able play at all.

Photo credit: Óscar “mixwell” Cañellas  – DreamHack, Adela Sznajder

Can OpTic Pull It Together In Time?
Author: Lenny
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