How to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day Online

How to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day Online

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the 17th March every year. To mark the occasion festivals, marches, and concerts take place in Ireland and across the world. However, this year St. Patrick’s Day will be like no other as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) causes widespread shutdowns. Read more about how UK Casinos are affected by coronavirus here.

In Ireland, Italy, and other parts of the globe bars, restaurants, and mass gatherings are all off the table. This begs the question of how people can celebrate this lighthearted Irish holiday? Well fear not SuperLenny and his team are here to share all the St. Patrick’s Day fun online.

  ☘️ Enjoy Irish themed slot games

Luck is a central part of Irish mythology, along with leprechauns, fairies and rainbows. So it’s no surprise that slot game developers look to Ireland for inspiration from time to time. For slots fans this has led to some delightful games available to play. Well known Irish inspired slots include : Charms & Clovers, Shamrockers, Lucky Leprachaun, and many more. Ranging from high volatility to low volatility players of all levels should be able to find something that floats their boat.

Players can expect colourful graphics, playful designs all accompanied by an Irish inspired music. Whether you’re looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or just enjoying spinning those reels, there’s a slot game for you.

Superlenny’s Favourite : Shamrockers 

  ☘️ Tweet Away

For those out there already on Twitter, you will already be familiar with the platform’s ability to create a buzz. St Patrick’s Day is all about creating a buzz, whether New York is dying the Hudson Green or there’s a world record attempt for most Irish dancers on stage, Twitter is the place to announce it. Although,  the parades and block parties are out social media is definitely in which is why Twitter is playing host to the 1st online St, Patrick’s Day. So put on your best green attire and flaunt your ginger locks (natural or bought) and join in the fun.

Posts are flooding in from around the world, helping to boost the Irish spirit. After all, that’s what St Patrick’s Day is all about bringing the Irish out in everyone! Follow online or post using the #stpatricksday hashtag

Superlenny’s Favourite : Anyone dressed as a leprachaun

  ☘️ Indulge in some box set or movie action

Irish television and cinema is among the best in the world. With some iconic actors such as Brendan Gleeson ( Harry Potter, Gangs of New York), Saoirse Ronan pronounced (Seer-sha) (Lady Bird, The Lovely Bones), and Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders, Dark Knight Rises) it’s really no surprise.

Depending on your mood, there’s also quite an array of Irish television shows and movies to choose from. People wishing to indulge in some nostalgia can check out Father Ted (A popular show created by Channel 4 about 3 Irish priests on the fictional craggy island). For the slapstick comedy fans out there, Mrs Browns Boys headed up by Irish comedian Brendan is O’Caroll is also worth a look or Derry Girls on Netflix. Whereas, movie buffs can gorge themselves on The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Dancing at Lughnasa or Michael Collins.

Superlenny’s Favourite : Father Ted or Peaky Blinders 

    ☘️ Get in the kitchen

If there is one thing GBBO has taught is it’s baking is not as easy as it looks. However, more often than not the results can be rather tasty. Aspiring chefs or bakers now have all the time in the world to perfect their ‘signature dishes’. With friends and family being held in self isolation, there will be plenty of ‘willing’ taste testers available to.

Either dust off those recipe books you got for Christmas or go online to check out the likes of Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsey or Donal Skeehan for inspiration. Or you could just binge watch Hell’s Kitchen or GBBO. It’s your choice but why not make the most of all this extra indoor time with some great food.

Superlenny’s Favourite : Anything vegetarian or Nigella Lawson

☘️ Relive Last Years Parade

It’s far to say that many of us cannot remember what we had for breakfast, let alone what happened a year ago. Well thank some for the gift of the internet, that we no longer have to carry the burden of remembering everything.

From Ireland to New Zealand, many countries in the world come out to join the Irish and celebrate. Elaborate displays of dancers, singers, musicians, magicians and more all take part in St Patrick’s Day Parades. In short it is quite the spectacle so if you missed last years or don’t quite remember it why not check it out. From Youtube to Facebook parade organisers post these videos to remind people of the joy we are supposed to be feeling on this day.

Superlenny’s Favourite : Dublin’s St Patrick’s Day Parade 2017

From all of us at SuperLenny we wish you a happy St Patricks Day!!! May the Luck of the Irish be with you!