Crunch Time

Crunch Time

Photo: G2 – Lucky winners after the victory against NiP

With the unexpected exit of the top-ranked teams SK Gaming and Astralis yesterday, this year’s DreamHack Malmö is now sitting wide open.

Top Teams Crash Out

Yesterday’s quarterfinals were an intense set of individual battles. All the matches were hard fought with much back and forth between the teams during the games. SK Gaming eventually lost to G2 after an initially promising start. Later in the day the reigning champs Ninjas in Pyjamas beat out NaVi to take the next semi-final spot. An on form Gambit completely overpowered Astralis with an emphatic 2 – 0 victory. The last play of the day was between North and Immortals. This was a comprehensive display from North who wiped out their opponents in another 2 – 0 victory.

The Semi-Finals

The first semi-final kicked off at 11 am and featured a thrilling battle between G2 and defending champions NiP. The latter team the obvious favourite; the game was a tense affair. After two hours of play and a first map win for G2, the teams were at 16 all on the second map, neither side giving an inch. Neck and neck the game headed into overtime, and in the end, G2 emerged victorious, taking out NiP on NiP’s own map pick.

The second semi began at 2.30pm with Gambit facing off against an excellently playing North. Anyone’s game, it has been an intense start, with North winning an opening couple of rounds. It’s early days though and can swing either way.

After a few hours rest, less for the second semi-finalist winner, the big showdown will occur at 6pm. Currently, G2 is one of the finalists with the second yet to be decided between Gambit and North. With all the original favourites now out of the tournament, it promises to be one of the most enthralling and difficult finals to predict.

Photo credit: DreamHack,  Jennika Ojala

Crunch Time
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