Did You Know This about Poker?

Did You Know This about Poker?

Poker describes a group of card games that are all based on a combination of gambling, skill and strategy. The main part of poker is the betting and this always remains a central part of play no matter the variant. The winner of each round is the player with the best card combination in their hand. This combination is for the most part unseen by other players until the hand is shown at the end.

Games can vary in how many cards are dealt, how many are unseen and how many are face up, the number of community cards on offer, and also what the specific betting procedures are.

What’s in a Name?

Little is known about the origin of the name. It could have derived from the Irish game Poca, the French game poque or the German pochen. The game itself could have evolved from the Persian As-Nas, though recently game historians have opposed most of these theories. The reason for this is that previous lineages for poker were only based on the card play within the game. This style of play is not unique to poker and could have come from anywhere.

What is unique is the way that poker deals with betting. Taking this into account it appears that the modern poker game has only been around since the mid 18th Century. Now believed to have spread through the Mississippi area, there are records of a similar game being player in 1829 in New Orleans. This older style game only used a 20-card deck and just four players placing bets on whose hand was worth the most.

Later in development the current 52-card deck was used and more versions of the game such as stud, straight and split-pot poker came into being.


In the 1970s poker saw a surge in popularity due to the arrival of tournaments. These tournaments helped make poker into a spectator sport and brought fame to high rollers that could win big. Soon poker was seen as a fun leisure activity. The 21st Century saw a huge spike for poker with the arrival of online casinos. Suddenly poker was accessible like it had never been before and with multiple options.

Did You Know This about Poker?
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