Embrace Your Secret Inner American Football Fan

Embrace Your Secret Inner American Football Fan

As a patriotic football fan, you may not like the idea of cheering for American football, but we think it’s time you gave it a try. Forget the annoyance of having our sacred game of football called soccer, and embrace football as you’ve never seen it played before. This week you’ll be in for a treat if you do. But if it really sticks in your throat, then a good old game of cricket will soothe your discomfort.

American Football

The world renowned Wembley Stadium in London will host the American Football NFL games. The event, rated as the leading sporting event in the United Kingdom for the year 2016, is scheduled to commence on the 24th of September. This is the first year that four games are scheduled to be held in London. The visiting team Baltimore Ravens will be pitted against the home team Jacksonville Jaguars in the Wembley Stadium on the 1st of October 2017 for the Week 4 game while another game of the Week 4 between New Orleans Saints and the Miami Dolphins will also be held in the same stadium on the same date.

Week 8 games will be played between Minnesota Vikings and the Cleveland Browns in the Twickenham Stadium on the 29th of September, and the Week 8 game between Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams will also be played in the same stadium.

If cricket isn’t enough, and American football is just not your cup of tea, then check out the local listings in the newspapers for the latest schedules of smaller sporting events happening in your neighbouring areas, there’s plenty going on so get out there and support your local teams.

A Quick Look to Cricket

The one day international series known as the Royal London ODI’s began on the 19th of September in Manchester. The games are always interesting to watch as the guests, the West Indies, are known to be experts in tackling the white ball. The last encounter between the teams in the World Cup T20 ended up in a loss for England, and now they will be seeking to avenge the defeat. The last couple of matches of the one day international series between the hosts and the West Indies are scheduled to be held on the 27th and 29th of September. The matches on 27th and 29th September are to be held at the Oval (London) and the Rose Bowl Cricket ground (Southampton) respectively.

Embrace Your Secret Inner American Football Fan
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