Why Esports will make over $1 billion in 2020

Why Esports will make over $1 billion in 2020

As the worldwide sports blackout continues, electronic sports (eSports) are enjoying a huge boost. For the first time global revenues for eSports will hit over $1 billion dollars. Considering that in 2016 eSports revenues were around $493 million, it’s clear that eSports are finally hitting their stride with a wider audience. So let’s take a look at the most popular eSports to bet on and why it’s becoming the latest betting trend.

What are the most popular eSports to bet on?

For those unfamiliar with the term, eSports are best described as organised video gaming competitions. According to the loadout.com here is the list of the most popular eSports in 2019

✅ Instant access in a matter of seconds❌Lengthy account set-up processes.
✅A bigger range of sports on offer. ❌Too much choice makes it hard to decide.
✅The most competitive odds.❌Odds might be different.
✅ More online betting sites to choose from!❌Not all sites are trustworthy.

Why has eSports betting suddenly become so popular?

Despite not finding ground with a wider audience, eSports has been quietly growing in popularity over the past few years. As we can see from the revenues in 2016-2019 there was a jump of around 500 million dollars. Now, with a limited amount of sports betting options available eSports betting is really taking off.

“The esports industry must see and react to what is an enormous opportunity as the only sport left standing” – Shawn Smith Gameindustry.biz

From our own little digging around at SuperLenny HQ here is what appears to driving the rise in betting on eSports.

Sports Blackout

For many of us, sports has become a fundamental part of our every day lives and anatomy. In times of despair or uncertainty, it has the power to draw nations together while almost paying homage to our tribal ancestry and desire to feel a sense of belonging and ownership.

Recent worldwide events have seen this routine spectatorship unsettled, leaving our usual allegiances empty and unfulfilled because let’s face it, a trip to The Range and a freshly varnished garden fence just isn’t quite as exciting as a Manchester derby at the or the prospect of another Djokovic Vs Federer Wimbledon final, or in-fact anything remotely connected to sports.

Queue the eSports industry and an opportunity for punters to invest their time and suffice their dedication for collective teams or individual players at the peak level of their skill. eSports betting allows players to research odds for individual or collective bets, based on a number of parallel factors to that of any real game. That said, in times of a sports blackout, it’s definitely eSports time to shine.

Real Money Betting on eSports

Real money betting on eSports works pretty much the same way as traditional sports betting. Punters simply find the eSports event taking place and look at the individual odds offered for various bets. Depending on the tournament in question, people can bet on individual winners, group winners or overall winners. For this reason, eSports betting has become popular amongst people who would usually wager on sports events.

Familiar online betting sites to choose from

Unlike some lesser known sports such as Gaelic Football or Kabaddi, eSports bets are widely available in almost every market. Today, many of the bigger players in the betting world from Paddy Power to Betway offer eSports betting as standard. This makes it really easy for bettors to place their bets, especially if they have already signed up.

Placing an eSports bet online for a new player is also straightforward:

  1. Find an online casinos that offers eSports wagering
  2. Sign up & make a deposit
  3. Choose the eSports event
  4. Check out the odds
  5. Select your bet
  6. Place a wager


As with sportsbook focused sites, eSports betting comes with an array of opportunity to claim and redeem incredibly inviting bonuses, cash-back offers and other real money rewards which add value to your account and overall eSports gaming experience. Most of the major bookmakers out there have added eSports betting to their comprehensive selection of sports you can bet on with some offering dedicated sections of their sites.

Lenny’s Last Word

Recent events have amplified the already impressive growth of the eSports industry, which is also demonstrated in an inevitable spike in online eSports betting. The question remains; when Sportsbooks are resurrected will the surge in eSports betting continue, or will it lose it’s charm? Either way, after looking at it’s impressive revenue growth pre-blackout it’s clear that eSports and eSports betting was already growing in popularity way before Sports betting was suspended and so, it’s of our opinion that this will continue albeit more steadily.