Euro 2016 Facts

Euro 2016 Facts

Maybe you’ve stumbled upon my blog and now you’re wondering – if the stuff on here actually worth reading? Let me tell you one thing, friend. Nobody – and I truly mean nobody – cares about European football the way I do. You might care just as much, but there is simply no way you love it more than me. I might be wrong, but that’s not the point, and I’m the writer so I get my say. The point is that we both love football, and both of us will follow the Euro 2016 closely. I mean really close. So let us get straight to the point.

Euro 2016 is kicking off on the 10th of June, with France (obviously) playing the opening match against a Romanian team that we just have to feel sorry for. Imagine the pressure, playing against the host nation during the opening game. If you love football, you’re probably keen on putting down some bets online as well. Well, I guess you know who to bet on in this first rumble.

So how much do you really know about the Euro 2016? Sure, you know that France will be hosting it and that the winners will be crowned European Champions this year. But did you know that there are more teams competing in Euro 2016 than ever before? 24 teams in total, including some that have never participated – Iceland and Wales among them. Yes, Iceland. Albania, Slovakia and Northern Ireland are the three others making a debut in Euro 2016.

Some facts will remain hidden from us, even though it would be awesome to find out how many official footballs will be sold or how many waffles the Belgian fans will eat outside the different venues. Other facts are more known, luckily – that is why I will list the three most interesting ones here:

France will host the Euro for the third time

Yes, the frog-eaters are the first nation to get the privilege of hosting the European Championship a whopping three times. Turkey was right behind France when the bid process was on, but despite the awesome atmosphere the Turkish supporters are known for, France finally got the Euros. If you ask me, France is perfect for hosting this year. One simple reason – they are in the middle of Europe. Meaning that anyone can join the fun. Including you. And me (of course).

Cheapest tickets ever

There has been much debate in regards to the process of selling tickets. Remember the corrupt bastards from UEFA who were giving away thousands of tickets to their friends during the last World Championship? Seems like UEFA has put an end to this. Cheapest tickets will cost 25 euro only (!), and thousands of tickets will be distributed fairly before the official sales start. At the same time, you will not be able to buy tickets outside stadiums – remember this if you’re planning to go, my friend. UEFA is launching a special website for re-selling of tickets!

Famous DJ to make the anthem

Personally, I am not a big fan of football anthems. So much fuss about them these years – all these mainstream, shitty artists trying to make a name for themselves by singing at UEFA-led tournaments. “Waka waka” – seriously? Shakira making a football-tune? Are you mad? This year UEFA did a wiser choice: DJ David Guetta will create the official anthem. Fine enough with me.

Euro 2016 Facts
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