Euros Throughout The Years

Euros Throughout The Years

The European Championship has changed much since the beginnings in 1960. At the time it was only four teams. The first final was between Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, and the Soviet Union won it 2-1 after extra time. In the next final, they lost 2-1 to Spain. Extra time was not a part of it in 1968, so when we got a draw between Italy and Yugoslavia, there had to be a rematch. Italy won it 2-1.

West Germany and Germany has been in many finals, and this started in 1972. From there on, they were in three finals in a row. They won 3-0 over the Soviet Union, lost to Czechoslovakia on penalties after Antonin Panenka’s legendary goal and defeated Belgium 2-1.

West-Germany was not to be seen in the 1984 final. This one went down between France and Spain, and Platini became one of the goal scorers in a 2-0 win for France.

In 1988 we got to see the Soviet Union for the last time in the European Championship, but they didn’t go out in style. The Netherlands won this final, their only title to this day.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all time came in the final in 1992, between Denmark and Germany. Denmark won 2-0, and became the only team to win the Euros without qualifying. They were not supposed to have been there, but got the place as Yugoslavia withdrew. Germany was once again to be seen in the final of 1996, where they defeated Czech Republic 2-0.

The final of 2000 between France and Italy was perhaps the most explosive moment in the history of Euro finals. The game was decided on a golden goal by David Trezeguet. In the next final, we got a new shock as Greece won against Portugal.

From 2008 to 2012 was a fantastic period for Spain. They won the Euro finals both times, with a World Cup title in between. They defeated Germany 1-0 in 2008 and Italy 4-0 in 2012.

Euros Throughout The Years
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