Excitement at the Top of the League

Excitement at the Top of the League

We thought for a long time that the title was secure in the hands of Chelsea, but the results we are seeing gives us great new excitement at the top of the league. We will see a very important game tonight, and we’re preparing for the Champions League again.

Great excitement

The Tottenham supporters must be pinching their arms and wondering if they are dreaming these days. Their great season is continuing, and this weekend they smashed Bournemouth 4-0 at home. When Chelsea lost to Manchester United the following day, we knew that the race for the league title had become very tight. Tottenham is currently just four points behind. With six games to go, anything can happen now.

Battle for top four

But it is not only the battle for the title that’s exciting us; we are also watching the battle for top four and a place in the Champions League. All the teams down to Arsenal on 7th place are now a part of this struggle. Currently, Liverpool and Manchester City hold the two next places in front of Manchester United and Everton. A very important game will be played tonight between Arsenal and Middlesbrough. Without three points in this game, it looks very hard for Arsenal to catch the 4th place. They are currently ten points behind Manchester City with two games less played. For Middlesbrough, this game is important in the struggle to remain in the Premier League. Currently on 19th place, Middlesbrough is six points behind Hull with two games less played.

Champions League

Leicester City is the only team still fighting for England’s honour in the Champions League. A 1-0 loss away to Atletico Madrid is by no means an impossible task to catch up with, and we will see how it works out for them on Tuesday. At the same time we will see if Bayern Munich can handle the difficult task of turning a 2-1 loss at home to a victory away to Real Madrid. Another team with a difficult task ahead of them is Barcelona. We will see if they can turn things against Juventus like they did against PSG, while Dortmund has a one goal loss to catch up with against Monaco.

Excitement at the Top of the League
Author: Lenny
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