Expectation Rises in DreamHack Masters

Expectation Rises in DreamHack Masters

DreamHack Masters Malmö is just a day away and now the level of hype and excitement is rising. The teams are all finalized, the groups announced and the schedule is set. It all comes down to ‘on the day’ play for each team to determine who will be crowned the victors.

Day by Day

The tournament begins on Wednesday 30th August and ends five days later on 3rd September. Sixteen teams are in attendance, all competing for the title and the $250,000 prize. Tomorrow’s opening day sees the group matches all in session with a double elimination group format in play. There will also be ‘best of three’ winner games and decider matches to further whittle down the field.

The two top teams from each individual group will then move onto the elimination rounds in the later days, also with a ‘best of three’ setup to see which team will walk away as champions.

Who is playing who

The opening sets of games are already exciting, with a first round matchup of Natus Vincere against as a potential nail biter. Later in the day the two French teams G2 and EnVyUs will also be going head to head. There is a rather unfortunate pairing of SK Gaming versus B.O.O.T-d, the best and worst teams in the tournament respectively. It’s bad luck for the surprise entry B.O.O.T-d team as they are already the underdogs, and such a match up at the start of the tournament doesn’t bode well for them to progress any further. Elsewhere the other matchups see Cloud9 vs. North, Immortals against Fnatic, Astralis vs. Renegades, Gambit vs. mousesports and FaZe against NiP. It looks set to be an explosive start to five days of exciting gaming.

What to expect

With some tough match-ups just in the opening round (some of which will be available on the B stream only), it looks likely that the lower ranked teams won’t make it very far. Though with some of the really intense match-ups, like with Natus Vincere, there is also the possibility for some unexpected upsets as well. Whilst it would be entertaining, and make for an interesting twist, should some of the lesser known teams to do well, the calibre of the top tier teams is such that it doesn’t seem likely. The teams to watch here will be SK Gaming, Fnatic, EnVyUs and of course the previous winners Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Photo credit: DreamHack, Emma Andersson

Expectation Rises in DreamHack Masters
Author: Lenny
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