Facts You Might Not Know About the Olympics in Rio

Facts You Might Not Know About the Olympics in Rio

A lot of sports enthusiasts have been following the games in the last few weeks with great interest, and many of them have been trying to collect as many facts and trivia about the games as they can. These facts tend to focus solely on the sports and the results around them. But there are also many facts to learn about the impact of the games on the society of Rio, as these games will have a lasting influence on the city.

Because of the Olympics, Rio de Janeiro will now have approximately 70 new hotels.

To prepare for the games, the system of waste management has been heavily improved. This will be a huge benefit for the city for decades to come.

The handball arena will be rebuilt to house four new schools.

The area of Deodoro, used for canoe slalom and BMX, will now be a recreational facility for the inhabitants of the city.

Public places have been given a much better lighting. Among these places is the biggest park in the city. This contributes greatly to feeling safer in this area, in a city that has had a fair share of problems connected crime.

Many volunteers and service workers has learned a lot of English ahead of the Games. This is a huge contribution to the tourist industry in the city. This may attract more tourists, which in turn will generate a lot of money to the economy of Rio de Janeiro. About one million lessons has been given.

A very large number of young people from the favelas, the poor areas surrounding the city, had jobs during the Games. This has given them something to put on their resume, and potentially a way out of poverty.

The public transportation system has been heavily improved. Among other things, the airport has been modernized, and a brand new metro line has opened up.

During the games, more than 200 public officials has been present to control the participants for illegal use of substances.

These 200 officials have been collecting about 4,500 urine samples and about 1,000 blood samples.

The world’s biggest sporting event has given a lot back to the society of Rio de Janeiro, that the public can now enjoy for years to come. Some of the things will help in the struggle against crime and poverty, while other things may boost tourist interest in the city. We all wish all the best to the people of Rio after the great Olympic Games, and I think we all agree that they deserve everything they now have.

Facts You Might Not Know About the Olympics in Rio
Author: Lenny
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