Finals Referee: Mark Clattenburg

Finals Referee: Mark Clattenburg
Refereeing Since:2004
Competitions Served:European Championship, Euro qualifications, Champions League, Europa League, World Cup Qualification, Olympics, Premier League, FA Cup, English League Cup
Matches in Euro 2016:Belgium-Italy, Czech Republic-Croatia, Switzerland-Poland. Fourth official Iceland-Austria

After Pierlugi Colina and Howard Webb’s retirements it is probably fair to say that Mark Clattenburg has taken the position as the most famous referee in the world. He’s already been refereeing two big finals this season: The Champions League final between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid; and the FA Cup final between Crystal Palace and Manchester United. I don’t think anyone’s very surprised that he’s been appointed for the final in the European Championship as well, and he’s done a good job in the three matches he’s refereed so far in Euro 2016.

It’s perhaps a bit striking that he’s not been refereeing any games in the World Cup, only the qualifications. But there’s a very good chance that we’ll see him in Russia in 2018. Clattenburg is a fan of Newcastle United, so he has to abstain from refereeing games that involves them. But he got to do it once – in the testimonial for legend player Alan Shearer.

Many people are a bit critical of this appointment after his decisions in the FA Cup final this year. The harshest critique was that he didn’t let the game flow in advantage of Crystal Palace when he could have. Among other things, this took away what would’ve been a leading goal in the first half. Former referee Howard Webb was among those critical of this.

His international statistics shows that he’s neither very strict nor very lenient. In his 95 international caps he has an average of 0,16 penalties, 0,13 red cards and 3,88 yellow cards per game. In absolute numbers he’s given 15 penalties, 12 red cards and 369 yellow cards.

Finals Referee: Mark Clattenburg
Author: Lenny
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