Five Funny Facts About the Olympics

Five Funny Facts About the Olympics

Every major tournament in sports have their very own interesting and useful facts one should know about. Those facts are a part of what makes every single event unique. By appreciating these facts, you make it more enjoyable to watch and appreciate the Rio Olympics as the great and unique tournament it is, rather than just another Olympic Games.

The biggest so far

Never in the history of the Olympic Games have there been so many participants as it is in 2016. More than 10,500 athletes will compete in 28 different sports. More athletes mean more sports, and that is all we want from an Olympic Game, isn’t it?

Not just in Rio

Rio de Janeiro is the second biggest city in Brazil, and the host city of the 2016 Olympic Games. But not everything will happen there. There are simply too many football matches to be played. This makes it impossible to have all of the games in Rio. The matches that are not played in Rio will be played in Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Manaus and Bela Horizonte.

Summer Olympics in the middle of the winter

It’s funny to think that the Summer Olympics is actually held in the middle of the winter in Brazil. Brazil lies south of the equator, which means that the yearly cycle is opposite of what it is in the UK.

New Sports

There’s always some excitement in watching the new Olympic sports. How they’ll be received and what level the athletes are on, are two of the main questions. In 2016, golf and rugby sevens are the two new sports in the programme. These are of course two big international sports, and I’m sure that they’ll be well received and have very motivated participants.

Principle 6 Campaign

This is a campaign that will be highly visible throughout the Olympic Games. The aim of the campaign is to focus on homophobia in the world of sports and to bring it to an end.

Five Funny Facts About the Olympics
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