Football: Men’s First Round – Who Will Make It?

Football: Men’s First Round – Who Will Make It?

The Olympics are considered to be the biggest arena for most sports in the world. But this has not been the case with men’s football. Here, the Olympics is something of a semi-junior’s championship. All teams are u-23 teams, but all of them are allowed to have a maximum of three older players. As we remember, Ryan Giggs represented Great Britain in the last Olympics.

Group A

Brazil, South Africa, Iraq and Denmark. The biggest star of men’s football in this Olympic Games is found in this group. Brazil’s Neymar will probably get most of the attention of all the players, and Brazil are huge favourites in this group. Iraq looks like the weakest team of the group, and I believe Denmark will prove to be stronger than South Africa.

Group B

Sweden, Colombia, Nigeria and Japan. This is a very hard group to predict. Japan has a more interesting team than many might be aware of, with the new Arsenal signing Takuma Asano at the front. Colombian Teo Gutierrez is another one of the greatest players in the Olympics. Sweden won the last u-21 European championship, while Nigeria has a very exciting team and has included Chelsea’s John Obi Mikel. I believe Sweden and Colombia will go to the knockout stages.

Group C

Fiji, South Korea, Mexico, Germany. If Fiji qualifies for the knockout stages, I will eat all of my socks. South Korea is a nation that takes Olympic football very seriously, and they have included names like Son Heung-min. I believe South Korea and Germany will reach the knockout stages.

Group D

Honduras, Algeria, Portugal and Argentina. This is the most straightforward group to predict. Argentina and Portugal should take this one comfortably. Algeria is probably closer to giving us a surprise than Honduras, but it would still be baffling if they did.

Football: Men’s First Round – Who Will Make It?
Author: Lenny
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