From Chill to Thrill

From Chill to Thrill

There is a lot of varied sporting events taking place this week in August, many of them from rather lesser known or watched sports. From the chilled pace of cricket to some genteel badminton, the week then ends on the high-speed frenzy of motorcycle racing.

Going for Badminton

The World Badminton Championships start and finish this week. Previously known as the IBF World Championships it comes under the jurisdiction of the BWF. Offering the most ranking points, other than the Summer Olympics, winning players are crowned as World Champion and win gold medals. Originally starting in 1977, it was held every three years. In 1985 however it became a biannual event and by 2006 had changed to a yearly event instead, though it skips the year that the Olympics takes place. Hosted all over the world, this year the tournament takes place in Glasgow Scotland.


The 26th August offers rugby league fans the final of the Challenge Cup. Taking place down at Wembley this year, the Challenge contains teams from England, France, Wales, Scotland, Canada and France. A knock out competition, it has been held annually since 1896. The final of this tournament though, is what it is all about and has become one of the most prestigious game in the Rugby League calendar, complete with “Abide with Me” being sung at the start of the game and becoming a rugby league anthem in the process. Current champions are Hull FC but it remains to be seen if they can hold onto the title for a second year.

More Sporting Events

The 25th to 29th is the Second Test for England and the West Indies. Held down in Headingley, it will be an interesting game. The last time these two teams competed in the Test series back in 2015, the outcome was inconclusive with each team winning a match and then drawing the third.

The last day of the week has some fast paced action. Silverstone is hosting the British Moto Grand Prix, which sees motorbikes hurling themselves and breakneck speed around its bends.

What’s happening next Week?

The following week is a good time for horse lovers with the Burghley Horse trials taking place, and the end of the week offers footie fans some more action in the World Cup qualifiers, with more events for the British teams. There is also some cricket going down in Edgbaston.

From Chill to Thrill
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