G2 Esports are Back with A Bang

Another French team in this competition; G2 eSports is fifth in the world. Usually a high playing team they have had a slight dip in their performance over recent games and they come into this tournament on the back of two losses, to Fnatic and Astralis respectively, at PGL Major Krakow 2017. Founded by ocelote, of League of Legends fame, in 2013, G2 Esports has teams in CS:GO, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, Melee and Vainglory.

More than Just a Team

The group aims to bring innovation and professional values through creating a great atmosphere for players to play in. From multiple nationalities, there are years of experience in the staff running the teams, and they strive to push eSports to the next level along with the club itself. This passion and drive is already clear in the number of high accolades and achievements garnered. With such great work ethics the team has become influential, with millions of fans on social media.

The G2 Esports Players

The current CS:GO team comprises of a number of high calibre players. First up is Richard shox Papillon who has been around since the beginnings of CS:GO and has been top 20 three years in a row. With 1.132 rating, he is a very versatile player.

Alexandre bodyy Pianaro is the newest player and youngest player, the nineteen year old shows raw talent and good in-game knowledge. This is his next step to move up in his career and prove himself.

A top player in CS: Source, Kenny kennyS Schrub is AWPer. He has shown a big evolution over the last three years and is one of best snipers, proving that an AWPer can be the best player in the world. Like his teammates, he too is consistently ranked among the top 20.

Dan apEX Madesclaire, whilst new to G2 eSports, is a veteran of the scene in France and has played for a number of top teams in his time since 2009. Long at the top, his rise to fame came when he helped Clan-Mystik to win ESWC 2013. He has played for LDLC, Titan and EnVyUs, with some of the biggest events under his belt. A reliable player he can still be explosive which makes him a threat to other players.

Lastly there is Nathan NBK- Schmitt, with a number of international titles under his belt, two of them as winner of a Major, he plays a very consistent game and has also been ranked top 20 for the last three years.

A Mighty Force at Malmö

With G2 Esports’ winning background, incredibly knowledgeable staff and consistent players in this current team, they will be a force to be reckoned with in this year’s DreamHack Malmö 2017.

Photo credit:  DreamHack, Adela Sznajder

G2 Esports are Back with A Bang
Author: Lenny
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