2020’s Impact on the UK Gambling Industry

2020’s Impact on the UK Gambling Industry

Nationwide Standstill

We all know by now, Downing Street announced a national lockdown on 20 March this year, ordering the closure of all entertainment venues from bars & restaurants, to music halls and land-based casinos. Unbelievably, it  wasn’t before another four and a half months until the public were allowed back into casinos, albeit with reduced capacity and social distancing guidelines in place, this was on 15 August.


Now, as the country is under a new set of restrictions to help bring a second wave under control, we are beginning to understand the impact the first set of restrictions had on the industry across the UK.

Impact on gambling

As above, all land-based gambling venues in the UK were closed on 20 March. In short; this decision wiped off 50% of the revenues of the British gambling industry.


It wasn’t all doom and gloom though. Actually, online operators saw a significant uptick in trade, with UK online casinos seeing a drastic rise in traffic as players moved online.

The below shows a spike in industry figures from 20th March 2020:

?? 25% increase in people playing online slots
?? 38% increase in people playing online poker
?? 40% increase in virtual betting

All without any additional marketing spend!


Statistics that clearly show the overall impact of 2020 on the gambling industry will not be available to the public until at least this time next year, when companies’ accounts are made available in the public domain. A recent YouGov poll describes a bleak future for UK land-based casinos over the coming months with Genting Casino’s announcement that they were planning to release 1,600 employees due to an increasingly uncertain future.

Lenny’s Last Word 

While we’re enjoying the above figures and fully support the upturn in online casino traffic, we feel it should be a players choice where they enjoy their games. Of course, for many they may not have experienced online casinos before and may have been duly funnelled into the wonders of playing online through no choice. Whatever the weather, player entertainment is of utmost importance to us, so as long as you’re happy, Lenny’s happy.