Golden Ticket Casino Game

Golden Ticket Casino Game


Step right up to catch all the fun of the fair. Golden Ticket casino game has brought the circus to town and plenty of chances to win, too. Painstakingly designed to be reminiscent of the circuses we all dreamed of, with animal skin clad strongmen and a moustachioed ringmaster, in this casino game you can experience the roar of the crowd and the thrill of a little risk. Played on a 5×5 grid reel system, your own character moves and responds to gameplay on the right of the screen. Most importantly, there are a bunch of ways to win while enjoying Golden Ticket’s brilliant design and inventive bonus games.

Golden Ticket Bonus Games

Three matching symbols touching either horizontally or diagonally can start a winning streak as they are replaced by a Wild symbol, the shining Golden Ticket logo. This Wild can start a cascade of wins, with multipliers that lead to bigger pots. When you see the word ‘Bonus’ flash vertically on one of the reels, it’s time to get serious. Keep on winning and the symbols will disappear to reveal the hidden word behind that will activate the Free Spins Bonus round. Here, ten free spins are yours, but in a different 5×5 grid. This one is a shooting gallery where the animal symbols must be knocked down to boost your prize pot. You’ll be tempted to run away and join this circus for sure!

Golden Ticket Casino Game
Author: Lenny
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