Group A Analysis

Group A Analysis

Ah, the host group. France is obviously the favourite to win Group A of the Euro this year, and personally, I have bet quite a bit on them. I am sure you have too since you’re reading an analysis of the different groups. You and I both know how well big football nations play whenever they are hosts, so there is little to be said about the French national squad. If you’re looking for tips, here is one – bet on Pogba to score. The youngster will do his very best to prove all the hysteria surrounding his name.

Now, there is one thing you should be aware of. Not just you, but everyone you know with a keen interest for football – especially if you’re into betting. Two things, to be accurate: Switzerland and Romania – both of them are higher up on FIFA’s ranking, in case you had not noticed. Yup, Switzerland boasts a brilliant, young squad (much like the Belgians). My best guess is that they will secure the second position and advance to the knockout-round. If they can get around Romania, though, who are on the rise as well.

Since this is the very first time that Albania has ever qualified for the European Championship, they are the outsider team of Group A. However, you should not be too quick to judge. Just because a team had troubles getting into the qualification, does not mean that they are weak. Denmark qualified in 1992 by pure luck, and yet went on to win the whole thing! Notice one little, but important fact: Several players from the Swiss national squad are ethnical Albanians, from Kosovo. Now, ask yourself, would you play your very best against your “motherland”? If there is one match I am really looking forward to in Group A, it’s Switzerland – Albania.

Group A Analysis
Author: Lenny
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