Group C Analysis

Group C Analysis

Germany has won the European Championship a whopping three times already, and are hence the clear favourites to advance from Group C in the Euro 2016. However, the last time they won the heavy trophy was in 1996, and since then they struggled to find back to their brilliant form. It all changed when Joachim Löw was appointed head coach after Jürgen Klinsmann retired. Germany has been in the top 3 of both the UEFA Euro and FIFA World Cup ever since, and many believe that the German Machine will take home their fourth gold this year. It seems like the group stage will be easy-peasy for Mario Gomez, Thomas Müller, Bastian Schweinsteiger and the other legendary players in the squad.

Ukraine is a young team compared to many others, having been incorporated in the USSR. They have soared forward since the 90s, though, and are currently five positions higher than Russia in the FIFA rankings. Combine this with their experience (and confidence gained) from hosting the last UEFA Euro, and you are left with a strong national squad looking to secure their highest-ever finish.

My guess is that Germany and Ukraine will advance from Group C, but Poland and Northern Ireland are forced to be reckoned with. Poland has a historically strong team – they even finished third in the World Cup a couple of times, if I recall correctly. Lately, their luck has been low, and the team is beneath both Ukraine and Northern Ireland (not to mention Germany) in the rankings. Could Northern Ireland – one of the debutants in the Euro 2016 – manage to advance? They have their chance, the question is how they will use it. What do you think, my football-loving friend? If we take for granted that Germany is unbeatable, who will advance from Group C in this thrilling championship?

Group C Analysis
Author: Lenny
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